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Many of us probably sees a nice video on youtube or somewhere else that you want to share.

This is the topic for that. You are allowed to share video's that are about you, but whatever you post, it MUST be music related! :) With the link, give a small description of what the video is all about, and give the music style too.

I'll start with an awesome song by Erik Mongrain, who is a very good guitar player.

This guy is just awesome with a guitar. Song title: Fusions and the style is somewhere between pop and lounge I guess. What makes this guy so awesome is that he only need a guitar to get sound that looks like its being played by an entire orchestra. Listen and you'll see what I mean. Even percussions! :)

what, just one? -_-
well, i cant do just one, so here are videos of my two favorite piano solos (both classical, romantic style):
rachmaninoff's prelude in g minor, op 23 no. 5
i absolutely LOVE rachmaninoff's harmonies and emotion in the songs.
liszt's funerailles
you havnt seen piano playing until you have seen a liszt song played live :)
especially when she starts with those octaves at 7 minutes in, yow!

by the way, very nice video, lp, love the song.

Another one I came across...
This guy has what is being called: a harp guitar, and he plays it wonderfully!
And another guitar play. This time on an electric guitar. This guy however is very good. His song has many different parts and is well constructed, worth checking out.
And another guitar play. This song is in style Rock (not like the upper two) but damn, this guy is good with his guitar. I loved every minute of it!

Bloody hell (Why do I keep saying that?)! You forgot Zack Kim!


This guy is amazing. He's basically developed his own method of playing the, well, two guitars called "touch style". Amazing.

Here's a few of me favorites: Amazing Amazing again.

If any of you have videos of your own that you want to share with the community, I have free video hosting on this site:

(This may be deemed as SPAM, but I think that it is on topic...)


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