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Re: Awesome Music Videos
« Reply #165 on: October 03, 2018, 12:43:44 »
A relatively new performance of one of my all-time-favourite guitar solo:

Simply awesome!  ;)
sorry for my bad English

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Re: Awesome Music Videos
« Reply #166 on: December 06, 2018, 18:49:40 »
Liam Howletts "THE PRODIGY" original sequence and samples for "EVERYBODY IN THE PLACE"  on the Roland W30!
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Re: Awesome Music Videos
« Reply #167 on: Yesterday at 22:17:33 »
It's weird this video hasn't been posted here before. This is one of the most special and unique things I've come over on Youtube.

Animusic - Pipe Dream

IIRC their animation software core (doing both animation, syncing it with the music and rendering it all) was all developed by the founder/director Wayne Lytle

They were going to release a 3rd DVD, though it's been over 8 years (more for them probably) since that project was started. It's quite ironic now that in their "introduction" they stated how they wanted to be more time-efficient compared to the other two albums that apparently took 3 years to produce. But after once again 3 years had past since the project was kickstarted, no sign of visible progression.
Instead, Wayne updated with some really painful news like burn-out related disseases and the 3d-artist already being done with all his art and 3d-models before Wayne, all due to him literally being overtasked. That was the last update, 2015.

I would still like to believe it's still progressing, though not as fast as everybody anticipated.
If not, it would be a real sad ending of something unique.

Here's the kickstarter update-page:
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