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Free Music Downloads / See this)
« Last post by Causix on Today at 04:09:13 »
Hello there! I'm newbie here, but I spent some time to got some musical parts for ya. See my playlist on youtube

General Chatter / Re: Awesome Music Videos
« Last post by ASIKWUSpulse on Yesterday at 22:17:33 »
It's weird this video hasn't been posted here before. This is one of the most special and unique things I've come over on Youtube.

Animusic - Pipe Dream

IIRC their animation software core (doing both animation, syncing it with the music and rendering it all) was all developed by the founder/director Wayne Lytle

They were going to release a 3rd DVD, though it's been over 8 years (more for them probably) since that project was started. It's quite ironic now that in their "introduction" they stated how they wanted to be more time-efficient compared to the other two albums that apparently took 3 years to produce. But after once again 3 years had past since the project was kickstarted, no sign of visible progression.
Instead, Wayne updated with some really painful news like burn-out related disseases and the 3d-artist already being done with all his art and 3d-models before Wayne, all due to him literally being overtasked. That was the last update, 2015.

I would still like to believe it's still progressing, though not as fast as everybody anticipated.
If not, it would be a real sad ending of something unique.

Here's the kickstarter update-page:
General Chatter / where is manx?
« Last post by Gerirish on Yesterday at 18:53:57 »
It's some time since manx submitted code to the repository or wrote here in the forum.

Is he still around? Or did he take a break from OpenMPT?
Free Music Downloads / [Alt rock?] Get Through [soundcloud stream]
« Last post by Asharin on Yesterday at 17:08:11 »
Honestly going through some serious hassle with access to my daughter at the moment, frustration vented into this song

Also, hi...been a while!
Help and Questions / Re: Performance issues
« Last post by Saga Musix on April 01, 2020, 20:37:37 »
Well, all I can tell you is that your computer's components are more than capable of running OpenMPT, but of course it's always possible that certain plugins are too resource-hungry or other components / software of the system are responsible for the performance issues. There are just too many moving parts in a system these days to give a sound explanation why you have such issues.
Help and Questions / Re: Performance issues
« Last post by le_parasite on April 01, 2020, 15:52:12 »
thanks for your reply, I 'll test with that new version.
 However I experienced issues without 32bit plugins too, I use a lot of them ( probably around 40 too) and some have some huge ressources needs.
And I forgot to mention I use some plug tp enable an Aux Send behaviour ( to make make sidechain or bus FX) and maybe they're the worst in that game.
It looks confusing. Explain to me how to change the default tempo of pattern?
Help and Questions / Re: Tablature
« Last post by Davi 6896 on March 30, 2020, 23:06:45 »
The software is Power Tab Editor 1.7.
Help and Questions / Re: Tablature
« Last post by Saga Musix on March 30, 2020, 18:29:45 »
I... don't know? I mean, I cannot even guess from the screenshot which software you try to use the MIDI file with. If you can play it back with a regular MIDI player and you don't get silence, then you probably need to modify the exported file to work with the software you chose. You have to read up on that on your own, we cannot help you with that.
Help and Questions / Re: Performance issues
« Last post by Saga Musix on March 30, 2020, 18:28:11 »
Got some 32 plugin bridges running for some FX I never succeed to find in x64.
There's your reason, most likely. 32 bridged plugins is a lot of communication overhead, so you will have to drastically increase the latency to compensate for that. However with ASIO drivers that is not possible most of the time (after all ASIO was designed for low-latency audio), so you will probably have to resort to WASAPI playback if you want dropout-free playback with so many bridged plugins.

EDIT: FWIW I also have the Ryzen 7 2700 (without X) clocked at 3.2 GHz and I can play a song with 20 bridged plugins with ASIO and 5ms latency. Another song with almost 40 plugins also runs mostly fine (but almost all of those are VSTis so auto-suspend might kick in for many of them).
You may want to give current OpenMPT 1.29 test builds a try at as the plugin bridge performance and stability has been improved there. Maybe it helps.
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