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In the long run, I want envelopes to be much finer in the MPTM format anyway. Obviously the current resolution (64 steps) is to preserve backwards compatibility, but it should be possible to increase it to at least 256 steps, which would also allow for much finer tuning.
If you have a long tail of fine tuning to reach a normal pitchbend of a semi tone over a long length, that still can be achieved with an envelope. But that is why I began with: depending on how much...

That said, it would be cool if there was a checkbox there that you can check which makes the entire range it can slide to 2 notes up and down, so that you can get much finer resolution.
Note that the resolution of the pitch envelope is just half a semitone though, so doing fine-tuning as implied by the topic title ("portamento fine") is not possible.
Depending on how much you want to pitch down, you can also use instruments with a pitch envelope. That way it always does that as part of the instrument.
General Chatter / Re: Future of tracker music
« Last post by LPChip on Yesterday at 08:14:05 »
By the way Saga Musix, are you threatening me when you said you might lose your patience with me? We're you planning on using the force choke on me like Darth Vader 🙂
As another person who moderates/administrates this forum, yes Saga Musix is not just a developer, he also administrates this forum, please understand that the biggest priority for us is that this forum is a nice place to go to where we respect each other. By saying "How old are you Saga Musix, 16 or maybe 9" you are basically directly insulting the person who can ban you for life. He will not ban you for one insult though. We are civilized, but there will be a point where our patient runs out.

Now I understand that there's this discussion going on about something on his website, but please keep in mind, that the original topic is about the future of Tracker music. By going this in-depth is basically saying: I don't care about the actual topic. A little bit of side discussion is fine, but as I see it, we really should get back on-topic.
General Chatter / Re: Future of tracker music
« Last post by Soundman on September 22, 2020, 22:34:20 »
I am not intolerant against the community, but I guess I generalized to much and for that I apologize.
But I don't understand why you consider someone sharing Holy Scripture with you as though they did violence to you. I was sharing the words of life with you and warning you of the judgment to come, how is that a bad thing. When I saw the link on your personal webpage called "Satanic Kids Enterprises" I not knowing you interpreted that to mean that you were into satanism, so I wanted to warn you of the judgment to come and show you the way of salvation from the second death in the Lake of fire, so am I a bad person for doing that, no, evil people don't care if someone goes to hell, but I care. By the way Saga Musix, are you threatening me when you said you might lose your patience with me? We're you planning on using the force choke on me like Darth Vader 🙂
No, pitch commands are always tied to the specific note they were triggered by. If you just want to detune all notes of your samples in general, you can change their middle-C frequency, or use a custom tuning for more complex pitch manipulations.
For VST plugins, you can obviously not change the sample frequency, you either have to rely on them supplying a finetune option, or you can try the aforementioned tricks for MIDI export (some plugins will recognize RPNs, but not all).
This is a question about OpenMPT and the (MPTM format). Whenever I place down a portamento fine command it only lasts as long as that note is playing. Once a new note plays the effect stops and I have to replace it. I just wanted to know if their is a way to get the effect to continue playing until otherwise specified?
General Chatter / Re: Future of tracker music
« Last post by Saga Musix on September 22, 2020, 20:27:08 »
How old are you Saga Musix, 16 or maybe 9?
Ah, an ad-hominem attack. Or is it ageism? I hope you are aware that those rank quite lowly in rhethoric arguments (read: they are plain old insults). But I guess I shouldn't be surprised, given that you previously asserted that "tracker music [is] always so demented" (direct quote). If you want to have a serious discussion on this topic, you should leave those insults against me and our community, and the generalizations at the door.
But I will ignore that for now and try to give you a serious answer. And it will be my last one on that topic.

My perception is based on what I see and I see a lot of 666, demon, satan and a lot of other childish crap in the tracker scene.
When the tracker scene was in its infancy (so the late 80s/90s), many contributors were indeed kids or teenagers, few of them were young adults. Anything they did is merely a mirror of youth culture. None of these themes are exclusive to the tracker scene at all.
Most of those people grew up (some of them just grew old). Some decided to nevertheless stick to the funny and weird nicknames they chose during their teenage years, because why not - people are normally not judged by their nicknames. Lots of people you see here and in other music communities you mentioned are the very same people that already where in the scene back then. A nickname doesn't tell you whether someone is a "dark" person or not, in fact I would argue most of those people are decent human beings nowadays (maybe they weren't when they were teenagers).
That being said, the "demonic crap" you see is a minority in absolute terms, just like in more mainstream music, and it is typically used jokingly. I just briefly scanned through my playlist of thousands of modules and I couldn't really find anything satanic in song titles. Obviously that doesn't mean that there is no such stuff - but I think you have a perception bias here because you are aware of an apparent problem and now you see it everywhere. Quite honestly, you are much more likely to find a huge amount of dehumanizing, sexist and misogynistic lyrics in mainstream music these days and I think some of those are real issues compared to the fun some people had in the tracking scene during their teenage years (and sometimes beyond that).

I don't see this kind of stuff on the Musescore Forum for instance.
I dunno, just on the frontpage of the Musescore forum I found a post by someone named "undeadman05" - that's also quite a dark and unfriendly nickname, don't you think? But maybe you chose to ignore that because you are already convinced that their community is better. I guess the actual question remains - why are these nicknames a problem for you to begin with? Why can't you just let people be themselves?

It seems like your perception is heavily skewed against the scene, maybe because you had an issue with the Amiga scene (or a few people of it) in the 90s. But what you basically claim to be unique to the tracker scene is not unique at all. Let's have a look at the rest of the music world:
There are lots of metal bands playing music with "satanic" lyrics. Is this a reason for you to shun any electric guitar, any drum kit, and any other tool used to make this music because a few people in the metal scene jokingly sing about satan?
Other genres like EBM are very popular in the electronic music scene and often have apocalyptic, dark lyrics. They are not made using trackers, but most often using popular mainstream tools like Cubase. Is this now a reason for you avoid Cubase (and its community) as well and say that the entire electronic music scene is a bunch of dark / satanic / negative people? By following your logic that the entire Amiga community painted themselves as being satanic (because a handful of artist chose such themes), you also have to extend the fact that anyone using a guitar (or maybe every rock/metal band) is just as bad as the few metal bands singing about satan. If you agree that this wouldn't make any sense, then please reconsider what you said about the tracker scene.

I hope from these examples it's clear that (close to) noone in the aforementioned groups takes the stuff they sing about seriously, and that you cannot extend your opinion on a few individuals to an entire group (that's called discrimination). The same is true about the tracker scene and its handles. You need to adjust your sense for reality and start to understand that noone here or in aforementioned subcultures means to be satanic or unfriendly, and I believe that is crystal-clear to the average listener and most people don't take any offense in it. If you don't like that, that's fine but then please ignore those communities / genres instead of forcing your opinion on them.

Do you always tell people you disagree with to go away?
I'm a patient person but when you keep bombarding me with the same nonsense arguments again and again, I may lose my patience with you, yes. You have added nothing new to your posts from a few months ago so why do you have to bring up the same topic again? You could just have moved on instead of registering on the forums again to tell us how wrong we all are (according to your standards). And most importantly in the context of this thread, the real reasons why only few people use trackers have already been established and are well-known. If you don't believe me, you just need to search a bit (e.g. on social media) and you will notice that many people shy away from trackers due to their sheer complexity - not because they find the community appalling. It's quite obvious that an extremely technical niche product will never be as popular as its more intuitive, less technical counterparts. And while we're at it, new tracker users are mostly young teenagers who have no issues with weird nicknames, so it's unlikely that they shy away from the scene for the reason you claim.

And no, I wasn't shouting, not even figuratively. That's what you interpret into someone disagreeing with you.

PS: This is an open, inclusive community but a line has to be drawn when people are intolerant against the rest of the community. And that includes people who try to "salvage" me by sending unsolicited bible quotes.
I assume this still has something to do with your previous thread about MIDI export so changing the middle-C frequency of the sample is most likely not an option for you.
If doing a Find&Replace over all patterns is also not an option, you can either try sending a MIDI pitchbend or RPN event:

Pitch bend: This is probably the most compatible. Since pitch bend events are not reset on new notes in MIDI (they are only cancelled by any follow-up pitch bend events), you could define a MIDI macro to insert a pitch bend effect on the specific MIDI channel at the beginning of the song (and anytime after a pitch slide happened on that channel).

RPN: You could use Registered Parameter Numbers if the target engine supports it. RPN 1 sets the finetune of a MIDI channel.
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