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Free Music Downloads / Re: [pop] callous kevin (mptm)
Last post by n0cturn - April 11, 2024, 20:21:51
What I'd like to know is... who told you my name was Kevin?
General Chatter / Making my own music community ...
Last post by Vojvodinosaurus - April 11, 2024, 15:51:03
So I wanna make my own community of likeminded musicians who use various trackers and DAWs and I wanna make my own themed compos that focus on music that is NOT Trap nor 2nd wave Dubstep/Brostep nor has elements of the 2.
Thing is I never participated in a compo and have no interest in ompt compos bc i kinda suck at making music.

So I wonder, are there any compos on internet for beginners and is it worth starting my own without prior experience?

Also can you recommend other platforms besides Discord and Reddit to create a community?
Free Music Downloads / [pop] callous kevin (mptm)
Last post by Exhale - April 11, 2024, 10:41:33
Callous kevin - the big boy

Ya think ya know it all
Dreamin you be tall - the gall
Seekin opportunities to condescend Sayin 'i told ya so'

Fuckin confidence Is your fuckin thing Tellin others how they should do everythin
Opinionated, you make nothin new at all

Life is about takin chances
It's risky shit, ceation is also this Coverin your ass often has to fall
Have you really not learned this yet?

So shut your mouth While the adults talk
The teachers teach the new boys
The things you forgot arent really obvious

Ah ok, is it obvious?
Do you want an applause?
Hah, alright, everyone else is an idiot?
Here's your trophy big boy.
Development Corner / Re: Scripting in OpenMPT
Last post by chr15m - April 09, 2024, 00:40:37
For me the ideal simple scripting interface for modplug would work like Inkscape plugins.

Inkscape is an SVG editor and when you run a plugin what happens is the entire SVG data is simply passed to the plugin via stdin, which makes its changes, and then returns the SVG data back again. Inkscape replaces its own buffer with whatever the script passed back via stdout (and you can undo of course).

For modplug it could be just this simple. You click a button called "run pattern script" and then choose an executable, or scripting file which is associated with an interpreter by the OS already. The entire pattern data is passed to the script you choose via stdin, which could even be in the same format as modplug copy-paste data (JSON could be nice but it's probably more work). The stdout from the executable/script is then parsed as paste data and pasted over existing pattern data.

In this way the user can use whatever language they like. If .py files are associated with the Python interpreter they can select a Python script. Same for Lua, Nodejs, native exe, etc. All they need to do is parse the pattern data in their language and return the modified data by printing to stdout.

Openmpt could remember previous scripts in a pull-down menu for convenient access.

Stderr could be logged and simply displayed to the user for errors and debugging.

For me an important difference from just manual copy-paste is being able to get the entire song of data not just one pattern.

Perhaps it would be nice to be able to only pass some channels and somehow tell the executable this, but that's not essential.

It could be done in an async way so the script can e.g. launch a UI with options/config for the user if needed.
Free Music Downloads / Re: [Trance] Beyond (mptm/ogg/...
Last post by Vojvodinosaurus - April 08, 2024, 16:56:55
This actually reminds me of Ridge Racer
Help and Questions / Re: Where did the extraKeymaps...
Last post by agargara - April 08, 2024, 08:16:07
Oh, I see! Thank you so much!!
Help and Questions / Re: Where did the extraKeymaps...
Last post by Saga Musix - April 08, 2024, 07:22:35
The actual folder folder has always been in the installation folder, not the settings folder. There merely used to be a link going to that folder in the settings folder, but only when using the installer, in portable mode this was missing. Instead, as a solution that works with both the installer and portable mode, you now find the "ExtraKeymaps" link in the left column of the open/save dialog when browsing for a keymap, see attached screenshot.
Help and Questions / Where did the extraKeymaps fol...
Last post by agargara - April 08, 2024, 01:11:30
There used to be extraKeymaps folder in %APPDATA%/OpenMPT. They seem to be missing in the latest release. Is this intentional?
Free Music Downloads / [Trance] Beyond (mptm/ogg/flac...
Last post by Saga Musix - April 07, 2024, 20:55:41
20 years of using ModPlug - what could be a better way to celebrate that than trying something completely new? :P

This is the first time that one of my released tracks depends on MIDI gear - seven different synths to be exact. As a result, the MPTM file is only fully playable if you happen to have all of the following hardware synths or compatible models: Yamaha TG77 / CS6R, Roland XV-5080 / JD-800 / JP-8000, Korg X5DR / Triton-Rack. Still, I hope that the module file will be useful to learn a thing or two from even without the required hardware. A recording of the MIDI output is also included in the download as a substitute. You'll have to load it as a sample, and play it on two channels starting from the first row of the second pattern. And there's always the Ogg/FLAC versions to play instead, of course. But the MPTM contains a few interesting tidbits about the making of the track in the comments tab, so do check it out. ;)

Download Beyond
Free Music Downloads / [Synthpop] Return (it/ogg/flac...
Last post by Saga Musix - April 07, 2024, 20:48:12
Yep, another synthpop coop with Bacter. This one ranked 4th in the tracked music compo at Revision 2024 - which was an extremely strong and high-quality compo this year, so I would recommend to check out the other entries as well!

Download Return