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General Chatter / Looking for Final Fantsy 6 theme
« Last post by MrDowntempo on March 30, 2020, 04:30:02 »
Many years ago I used the original modplug tracker. (very late 90s) I had downloaded a copy of the Final Fantasy 6 theme for it that someone else had tracked. Does anyone here know where I might find that file agian? Thanks!
Help and Questions / Tablature
« Last post by Davi 6896 on March 29, 2020, 22:42:12 »
How to make a tablature of an OpenMPT song with chord letters?
You provide the desired tempo as a hexadecimal parameter. Please see the effect reference in the manual:

If you are new to OpenMPT and do not quite know how to enter commands in the pattern editor, please read the pattern editor manual:
How T command works?
You will have to change the default tempo of the song then, or override the tempo directly in the pattern that you want to export (e.g. with the T command in MPTM/IT/S3M files). It is very much by design that OpenMPT exports patterns as they would appear in the song and not according to manual modifications.
I played the song with normal tempo, but then I increased the tempo. But even so, when I export to MP3, it goes with the normal tempo.
In the Stream Export dialog you can choose the pattern range to be exported. As said, this will use exactly the same tempo as it would if you played the whole song.
Alternatively, you can right-click a pattern item in the order list and choose "Render to Wave" (which will open exactly the same dialog but with the pattern position already filled in).
There are quite a few things that are not clear about this question. Do you want to export the pattern data itself (to which format?), or do you want to export the rendered audio? If it's the latter, you can choose one or more specific patterns to be exported in Stream Export. They will be exported at the normal tempo they would play in the module. Or do you expect a different tempo?

Export to MP3 in different tempo.
No worries, it's a common assumption that time-stretching is a silver bullet but it's pretty much the opposite. :)
Thanks for putting up with my ignorance. I'll definitely use multisampling.
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