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General Chatter / OpenMPT is **** (not user-frie...
Last post by PRAYTHEPO - January 24, 2023, 16:33:39
I have been using other trackers like FastTracker 2, MilkyTracker, Renoise, BeroTracker and others fora long time, but i've never seen such stupid and idiotic user interface. You can throw shit into my face but i wont take my words back. OpenMPt is the most popular and most unusable tracker software in the world.

Even setting all the instruments for a project is pain in the ass. Glitchy filter, uncomfortable using of vsts, GUI fucked up from its roots.
Pattern editing is much easier than setting instrument/samples combination. WTF?

All key commands by default are make me sick and go insane. Play - F5, Stop - ESC. Why not default? Ctrl/Shift/Enter - play song/pattern, ESC/Space - stop/edit.

Overall UI quality is poor. Windows are massive, pattern editor is squeezed horizontally and even larger font do not help. It doesn't feel liek a complete piece of software. It feels like "forever beta".

I have so much to say, but i dont want to write whole diploma on this forum. Evey user who is adequate and appreciates his time can sign up under my words.

Dear developers, if you love trackers, you has to understand  - no need to reinvent bicycle, just make it better. But you decided to create bocycle with triangle wheels and steering wheel in a form of doublesided ****.

I tried to conquer this software for 5 times and every time i stuck on something stupid. Workflow must be easy, I want to write music, not to mess with setting all up for 4 hours.

Good idea, bad execution.

P.S. Note-off command by default MUST be Caps Lock, it is tradition for all the trackers.
Help and Questions / Re: Export as MIDI - Octaves f...
Last post by Saga Musix - January 24, 2023, 14:17:50
The code that handles MIDI export has no knowledge of pattern notes, it only receives the notes from the sample map. Since there is no root note information associated with samples at the moment, MIDI export cannot know if the note map is set up this way because you have a peculiar instrument setup (e.g. a drum kit) or because all your samples have different root notes.
Adding root note information is at least a goal for the MPTM format eventually, but until we get there, there's two workarounds:

- If the note map can be mapped cleanly to a linear map, the "Transepose Samples / Reset Map" context menu entry is available. This will transpose all sampled associated with the instrument up or down as needed, and both the module itself* as well as the exported MIDI file will sound as intended in most cases. *The module may sound different if it used any Tone Portamento effects between notes belonging to different samples.
- If that option is not available, you can still use "Reset Note Mapping" from the same context menu temporarily just for MIDI export.
Help and Questions / Export as MIDI - Octaves follo...
Last post by NorrinRadd22 - January 24, 2023, 08:52:36
I am exporting a project so that I can open the midi in Cubase after. What's happening though is that my midi file appears to follow the octave information from the Sample Map of my instruments, rather than the notes I am entering in the Pattern tab.

My instruments consist of one sample per octave, and if I were to create a pattern that goes from the lowest to the highest note, export that midi, then open it in Cubase, it ends up looking like the image attached. Instead of a solid climb up through every octave, it seems to just follow whatever octave would be played according to the samples in my Sample Map in the Instrument Tab. This seems super counter intuitive to me, at least for my use case.

I want to use that midi information to do things in Cubase, such as run it through synths instead of samples, but having to manually go in and try to correct every note to fit in the right octave it is heard in the Modplug project is a deal breaker. I want to also mix the project in Cubase, so no, I am not interested in opening any synths inside of Modplug itself.

Anyone know if a way to fix this?

Help and Questions / Re: MOD into Ableton Live
Last post by Saga Musix - January 23, 2023, 09:20:08
I have never used Ableton Live, so I have no idea how it works and what would work best for your use-case.
Help and Questions / Re: MOD into Ableton Live
Last post by fetito666 - January 23, 2023, 00:21:42
Danke! Which method of importing it to Ableton do you recommend as in using a MIDI instrument I guess.
Help and Questions / Re: MOD into Ableton Live
Last post by Saga Musix - January 22, 2023, 19:38:43
You can shift-click the save button in the sample editor to export all samples at once. Export as WAV or FLAC depending on what your sampler plugin (or built-in sampler) supports.
Help and Questions / MOD into Ableton Live
Last post by fetito666 - January 22, 2023, 19:17:04
Happy New Year!

One question regarding Amiga 500-MOD files such es the "Elvira" / "Waxworks" soundtrack.

I can play them perfectly with "OpenMPT".

However, I want to export the samples and the MIDI to import them back into Ableton.

Is this possible with the samples?

So far, I was only able to import MIDIs extracted from MODs.

Thank you!
Help and Questions / Re: Row numbers are cut off
Last post by David B - January 21, 2023, 22:42:04
Okay, I now see what you both mean about increasing the pattern font size. It increases the height of the rows, and then the row numbers are no longer cut off.
Help and Questions / Re: Row numbers are cut off
Last post by Xenesis - January 21, 2023, 15:38:02
100% Windows scaling is horribly small, so I use 125%. It looks fine in OpenMPT if I use a bigger font size.
Help and Questions / Re: Row numbers are cut off
Last post by David B - January 21, 2023, 04:46:50
I've also noticed this problem when I run a UHD (3840 x 2160) monitor at 200% Windows scaling. The problem also seems to happen with other Windows scaling values which aren't 100%, e.g. 125%, 150%, 175%, 225%. It's fine at 100% scaling. I restarted OpenMPT each time I changed a scaling value.

It's not a huge deal because I can work-out the row numbers anyway, although it looks a bit odd.

I tried setting "Display.HighResUI" to 1, however it looked worse.

Let me know if you want me to try anything else, provide screenshots, etc.