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OpenMPT FM+PCM example song compo (extended deadline 2018-11-16)

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Saga Musix:

Those of you who are following OpenMPT development may already know it: OpenMPT 1.28 will finally gain support for OPL2/3 instruments in S3M files, a rarely used (and rarely supported) feature. OPL2 and OPL3 are sound chips by Yamaha that are based on phase modulation (typically known as Frequency Modulation - FM). This is the same technique as used by the famous Yamaha DX7, except that these chips are cut down in cost and features (e.g. they have less operators).
Most OPL-based music you have heard is probably based exclusively on this chip, as it was popularized by the AdLib soundcards on which it was the only means of sound generation. However, on the Creative SoundBlaster cards, it was possible to use both this chip and play some samples at the same time. The combination of these two techniques represents a pinnacle of game and demo music in the early 90s for me personally.

To cut a long story short: I think OpenMPT deserves some example songs to show off the beautiful combination of small PCM samples combined with great OPL instruments. Currently this is only possible by using the S3M format. There is no specific rule set at the time of writing, and no compo deadline either because it isn't even clear yet when OpenMPT 1.28 is going to be released. Since there is no possibility to share samples between S3M files, it probably does not make much sense to demand the compo entries to use a specific sample set, but of course I can provide some nice samples to get your inspiration going. There are plenty of OPL2 instruments floating around (e.g. JuceOPLVSTi comes with hundreds of them), but many of them have been heard over and over again (also because editing FM patches is a very cumbersome task in many AdLib trackers), so I suggest you go wild and work on some custom instruments as well.
I'm open to any further ideas concerning compo rules.

Midori Mizuno:
Am i assuming correctly that those would need to be made with other tools, not the MPT itself, since the current version isn't capable of handling FM?

Saga Musix:
No, all you need is an OpenMPT 1.28 test build.
Note that you cannot currently create new OPL instruments from the sample editor; you need to either copy/duplicate an existing OPL instrument slot or load an OPL instrument (SBI or S3I instruments) from disk. This will of course change in the future.

Midori Mizuno:

A couple of thoughts - for this do you want a file with only these instruments in it, I made something but I grabbed a sample bass drum and snare, which I hope is ok, if not I will have to hunt some more, and second thought, will there be some way to apply changes on the fly to the values of these instruments? EG, change the release rate and other effects on the fly in the patterns because I went for a retrigger and it didnt work, so there are obviously plenty effects that will not apply to these instruments, maybe we can take the ones that do nothing and give them a secondary function for these new instruments.


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