Importing Sounds?

Started by Weretater, March 01, 2008, 05:09:18

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Yeah I know, this is probably THEE MOST noobish question out there, but how to you import your own sounds (like mp3s or wavs) into MPT? I searched the whole forum looking for this, and if i missed it, you can have one free VirtuSmack.  :D


Well start from the beginning...

Open Modplug -> File -> New IT -> Samples-> Now in the samples tab, there are three little icons on the upper left... "New", "Import" and "Save", just choose Import and you're done.

By the way, Modplug cannot import .mp3 samples.

You may have missed this thread since its in "Technical documents":

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Thanks! I feel like a noob though.

Edit: I did read the tutorial, but I didn't see how to import sounds. I don't really mind that it cant import mp3s, I just need wav files, thats all! Thanks again!  :P