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Started by HarD-TeX, November 29, 2005, 17:31:09

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A new feature/section on my own site, created today, just for free samples and tracker instruments (.ITI and .XI available in most cases) of sounds I've sampled is here!
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mise à jour sur les sorties de cet été à aujourd'hui


Calvin Cardioid a sorti une collection de samples de la Roland TR-909 drum machine.

QuoteAre TR-909 samples still relevant these days? I know I've posted 909 samples before, but this set's more complete: 456 mono 24bit 44.1khz WAV files, each containing about 8 hits – just enough so you can "round robin" them. That's over 3600 hits.

The 909 was recorded directly to tape first, then converted to digital at 24/96 using a Mytek converter, then software SRC. They're not the thickest samples out there compared to many commercial products, but it's a fairly complete starting point where you can further compress / EQ to your liking in your own music.


MTBM.NET a créé un nouveau site et sorti deux packs de samples.

QuoteThe all new MTBM.NET has been released and it now caters for everything we do. On the new site you will find all of our existing brands rolled into on accessible area.

To celebrate the new website, we have released two new samplepacks under the Multiples brand.


*ABass 02 – 10 bass sounds, created using the Alpha CM, Reason, Massive and Tal Uno synths, all recorded from c1-c3 (.WAV 38MB / Kontakt 55MB / Refill 13MB).

*Padded Cell 03 – 50 brand new drum loops created by T2D, transposed down until they were running at their slowest tempo and then ran through Guitar Rig.

.^o a sorti Digital Drums.

QuoteWith more than 40 synthesised, professionally produced drum sounds in Wav format, this library is ideal for all electronica, minimal techno and electro producers.


*40+ royalty free audio samples.
*Includes 9 Kicks, 9 Snares, 11 Hi-Hats, 11 Percussion sounds.
*Wav & Aiff format, 16 Bit/44.1 khz, Stereo.
*100% royalty free.


Tape Death a sorti Jomox XBase-09 Kicks.

QuoteThe Jomox XBase-09 is an analog drum machine based on Roland's 909. The difference is like the Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris fight in Way of the Dragon. They both got kicks, but at the end of the day Bruce Lee broke Chuck Norris' fucking neck. The 909 is good, but the Jomox is better.

Our new sample pack consists of 53 samples from Hyphae's XBase-09, created by Hyphae and Megatroid one hazy night in Hyphae's studio. A secret weapon for years, we're now sharing them with you cause we're just good people. You can check out Megatroid's new Jackie Onassis remix for a taste.


Dan303 a sorti Analog acid/minimal bass stabs (multisample).

QuoteThese multi samples were taken from my FreeBass FB383 bassline synth. It's a rackmount analog bass synthesizer (clone of the Roland TB303).

The samples were recorded directly into Ableton live, I then added some EQ and compression to give the samples a bit more bite.

As always the samples are completely royalty free and available to download at no charge.

There are 13 individual bass hits in .wav format (notes C1-C2) ideal for loading up in any software or hardware sampler.


Nucleus SoundLab a sorti Open Source Drumkit.

QuoteThe kit contains a kick, snare, hihat, ride, crash, 3 toms and a gong. Nucleus SoundLab has brought this kit to the Propellerhead Reason 5 ReFill format, of course as a 100% free product.

The Open Source Drumkit is heavily velocity-layered, with upwards of 20 layers on many of the kit elements. Of course, we've mapped these kits in Kong, for ease of use and great sound quality. Additionally, the OSDK has been sampled with a dry, unprocessed feel which is great for using Reason's excellent effects to produce your own unique kit. We've also got some patches to get you started with unique kits, since the OSDK ReFill includes some incredible customized Combinator kits by Lewis Osborne. Additionally, there is a template kit with all the samples mapped – meant as a great starting point for your own patches.


*300+mb of raw 24-bit 44khz drum samples (compressed to ~150mb inside the ReFill).
*755 wav files.
*22 Custom Combinators by Lewis Osborne.


HISSandaROAR samples collection.

QuoteIn exchange for subscribing to the HISSandaROAR newsletter you can access a 16bit 44.1kHz selection from each library for free. Join the HISSandaROAR mailing list here

NOTE: the download links expire in one hour. They are small files but if you forget & they expire before you get around to downloading them, just return here & get new download links sent out.

* SD002 SWISHES: 47 sounds 5MB
* SD003 SEAL VOCALS: 5 sounds 3MB
* SD004 FIREWORKS: 14 sounds 17MB
* SD005 PRESSURE: 67 sounds 26MB
* SD006 TORTURED PIANO: 53 sounds 58MB
* AMB001 BLOW HOLES: 13 sounds 11MB


ToneScape a sorti Small Mechnanics.

QuoteSmall mechanics is my next free samplepack containing 100 mechanical samples.


*50 samples of switches and buttons from all sorts of appliances, tools and instruments.
*50 electrical motors from kitchen appliances, cameras and a wheelchair.
*Recorded with a Zoom H1 handheld recorder.


Wave Alchemy sort 808 Tape, banque de samples de la Roland TR-808.

Quote808 Tape by Wave Alchemy serves up over 300 drum samples from the classic TR-808 drum machine. Previously only available to early adopters of our Syncussion Drums library, 808 Tape is now available as a free download to all!

All drums have been recorded directly to 1/4" analogue tape via a Studer A80 Mk1 tape machine with each sound boasting multiple saturation settings!

808 Tape features
*318 24-bit 100% royalty free tape drum hits.
*87 kick drum samples.
*90 snare drums.
*42 toms.
*39 hi hats.
*60 percussion hits including clap, clave, cowbell & crash.
*Clean, saturated and driven variations of each sound.


The Loop Loft sort The Sound of Skin.


*Number of Loops: 28.
*Tempo Range: 90-120 BPM.
*100% Royalty Free.
*High Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ Audio.
*WAV, REX2, ALP and AIFF (Apple Loops) Formats.


Kent Sandvik sort Kent Loop Collection Vol 8 – Tec Synth.

QuoteThis is a collection of various synthesizer AppleLoops. 30 moog modular SW plugin loops, 30 NI Absynth, 30 Vanguard and 15 OSCar loops.
They are very techno pattern centric even if some of the other loops are athmosperic and melodic.