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Started by HarD-TeX, November 29, 2005, 17:31:09

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Some free samples I put together. Most of these are freely available on the interweb for Kontakt, but as most people don't have Kontakt... :) They're in SF2 format, so you should be able to open them up in whatever you like, including OpenMPT.

> Callipso
> Cloudbase
> Grenadia
> Dreamworks
> Dusty Violin
> TX 81Z Lately
> TR-808
> TR-909
> Tablas
> Tube Thumper
> Sad Sally


A few guitar samples I made - from the late 90's

feedback distorted and clean

Saga Musix

This drumkit has been posted in another place of this forum before, but as the link is no more valid, I thought it would be a good idea to post the new link here as well:
The Machinae Supremacy Drumkit - a very nice, big and realistic drum kit, sadly missing tom samples.
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I've added some metallic object samples

a picture is included for you to see what I sampled.

Yes - you have to slice and dice yourself.... but then I bet you didn't have a 1 foot long hairpin barge piece laying around ;-)

320 kbps mp3 and original 44.1kHz 32-bit wav file.

as a bonus you get to hear my wife and I talking -  :P






Bronto sort un pack de samples de 60mo: Transition FX

QuoteAlmost everyone needs them but there aren't many good ones out there (at least not for free).
I'm talking about transition effects like "Boooooom", "Whoooooosh" and "Tsssssssssh".
Some time ago I thought I might just design some of these FX from scratch to share them with you.
After some days I came up with 33 samples. Some of them are simple and some of them are quite unique.
I've given my best to ensure the best possible quality and usefulness.


Reusenoise sort un pack de samples aux formats .wav et .sfz: GIBSON LES PAUL POWER CHORDS

QuotePower chords multisampled played on a 1996 Gibson LP Studio with a Seymor Duncan bridge pickup.
The chord start from E maj to D maj, all chords was recorded through an old Yamaha mixer and completly dry, so you can reamp with you preferred amp sim.
44.100 /24 bit depth - Key map from E5 to E6


Ramjet Productions sort un pack de samples de guitare: Disco House Funk Guitar Loops

QuoteI created these a few years ago, and they fit well into the above genres. Most sequencers will do timestretch or warp marking to adjust tempo.
Each zip file contains between 13-37 individual 44khz 16 bit WAV 120 bpm loops with various guitar effects (phaser/delay/wah/talk box).


Multiples sort un ensemble de packs de samples :  PackFest 2011

*A|Bass 1.0 – 10 different basses created from scratch and sampled from c1-c3.
*E|Drumloops 2 – 30 loops made up from the sounds of E|Drums 3.0 to be added to the original looped material available in that samplepack.
*Padded Cell 2 – Atmospheres of a random nature taking in a healthy 40 different loops.
*E|Snares – 50 snare drum sounds created from a live snare drum.
*E|Hats – 50 crispy hihat sounds for use in all different types of music.


Kero sort un pack de samples dispo sur Twisted Tools: Bits & Beats.

QuoteIt's summer time and we're excited to kick things off with an incredible new sample collection by Detroit Underground Record's KERO. The free 184MB collection features an insane collection of bits and beats straight from KERO's vaults which you can use freely in your own music productions!. Just login and download for free.

kit beats

Some cool stuff here, nice work starting this topic Ivo :)
"get the piece sounding pristine." - KrazyKats
..Like this one, definatly got the Sam Zen
individuality in it... - Asharin


thx ;)

MPT-FR is not dead ^^


Ramjet Productions sort un sample pack de sons du DSI Mopho synthesizer.

QuoteThese are 8 high quality samples from DSI Mopho – amazing little synth. Ideal for bass, leads or chords and can be easily inported into your favourite sampler ( Ableton Simpler/Sampler, Beatstation etc) Samples are 44khz 16 bit sampled at middle C


Multiples a sorti Exploration: Reaktor.

QuoteFor those of you who follow our twitter feed you will no doubt have heard that T2D has been working very hard making a brand new synth with Native Instruments Reaktor technology.

It is currently in the version 1 stage of development and is a 3 oscillator synth routed through a Modulation Matrix were any of 3 seperate filters can be chosen for each of the oscillators to go through.

However, as this is being developed for T2D's current record and soundscapes he is reluctant to allow the free download of the synth. He has allowed us to sample three of the current sounds he has made.

So, we have sampled them at every key from c1-c4 and then taken all three sounds and rinsed them through Guitar Rig in order to bulk out the pack.

Tech Specs:

6 Samples sets – c1 to c4 – .wav – 33.5mb download