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Started by HarD-TeX, November 29, 2005, 17:31:09

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Saga Musix

And while we're at it: More trance samples (kicks, snares, fx) and some presets for some well-known synthesizers.
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Golbaby sort Blofeld Drums.

QuoteBlofeld Drums: This little synth is a marvel of German engineering. Having a lot fun with it... so I thought I'd share some synth drum sounds I have created with it. 66 x 24 bit wavs

kit beats

"get the piece sounding pristine." - KrazyKats
..Like this one, definatly got the Sam Zen
individuality in it... - Asharin


Sinevibes propose tous leurs samples gratuitement.

QuoteWe've decided to give away our entire sample collection. It includes several hundred completely original sounds created using some of the most amazing hardware and software tools such as Roland Fantom-G and V-Synth, Native Instruments MASSIVE, iZotope Spectron, Spectrasonics Omnisphere plus rare analogs like Polivoks and Krok 2401. Feel free to use these materials to compose music for commercial purposes, and if you like them, don't forget to check out our plugins, they're really awesome!
P.S. These samples come in Apple Loops and AIFF formats.

* (93 MB)
90 seamlessly-looping ambient and atmospheric sounds

* (45.7 MB)
100 beat and rhythmic effect loops

* (27.9 MB)
100 synth and bass loops

* (12.4 MB)
79 vocoder loops and single sounds


BeSound sort Deep Electro Vol.1

QuoteBeSound painstakingly sampled every single note of each waveform of various Analog synths using top-notch pre-amplifiers and a high-end "magic" vacuum tube. This high-end vacuum tube based equalizer actually became out of service because one of the final tubes broke down. Not being able to find the original tube they tried to use an old military tube. For the original use of this equipment, the result was a complete catastrophe... but when using it to change the frequency response (the tone of a sound), they say it became "just magic, unique".

This sample library comes with deep and powerful analog basses and some clean leads.


*1 GB of 44.1khz samples (over 2,300 wav files).
*60 NKI presets.
*Recorded with a "prism sound" A/D converters.
*Deep Electro Vol.1 is available as a free download until 30 November, 2011 (valid email address required).


Tonescape sort Loopsicle

QuoteLoopsicle consists of 101 fresh, free loops for your Techno, Electro House and similar productions. You get both wav and rex versions.
I have included 25 percussion samples too, which where cut out from the loops.
I hope you enjoy my work and that you put it to good use. If you use any of my samples in your productions, I'd love to hear it. Send a link to or post it here on the page.;topic=4394.0;last_msg=37432


Very near the end/bottom of the page are a few links for a free/demo version of Titan along with it's unlimited ENGINE -- with which one can add up to 24 of their own samples (per layer... according to the page, anyway.. I've not tried doing so yet).  TITAN is an analog synth virtual instrument, and the free demo includes 12 royalty-free sounds.  ENGINE also has some decent effects included for those like me who love tweaking sounds and whatnot. :)

While TITAN itself is a YellowTools virtual instrument (the full version is $259 USD) available via soundsonline (EastWest/Quantum Leap) I'm not certain the connection to YellowTools... but the ENGINE software is *NOT* part of, nor does it require, EWQL's PLAY engine; and the VST version of ENGINE runs fine in OMPT in my own (as yet limited..) testing.  I'll likely even use it in a song I'm currently working on.. it's got a nice analog Percussion-Chimes sound. :)

Just ran across the TITAN pack earlier this evening while I was updating my PLAY installs and libraries, and noticed the free demo, and figured I'd mention it.
'slightly disturbed and wonderfully content'
*Master of the Obvious*


The Lower Rhythm sort Culture Collection.

QuoteOur first official drum sample collection, the Culture Collection features 158 single hit drum samples recorded during sessions at Urthwurk Labs in Orlando, FL.


MrTheBigMan sort E|Loops XL01.

QuoteAfter wetting everyones appetite with the loops given away for free in E|Drums Mini Vol 2, I decided to start getting some new sounds together to use in my next set of records as well as in my next set of sample downloads.

I received quite a lot of things over the Christmas period that quite frankly, can be beaten with a stick.


*Full Mix Loops – 86 loops recorded at 120bpm – 219.5mb.
*Kick & Snare – 144 loops recorded at 120bpm – 196.6mb.
*Hats & Toms – 137 loops recorded at 120bpm – 213.3mb.
*Tom FX & Found Sounds – 90 loops recorded at 120bpm – 158.1mb.
*Total – 457 loops @ 787.5mb.


Loopbased passe en gratuit Electro Bass.

QuoteAfter four highly successful percussive sample packs we are entering round five with "Electro Bass", a huge collection of fat and dirty one-shot bass tone samples.

"Electro Bass" includes 300 sub-shaking one-shot bass sounds including static basses, bass stabs, bass chords and bass sweeps. All recorded in pristine 24 bit and in key of c.


*300 high-quality samples, 24 bit, 44.1 kHz, stereo.
*Recorded in the key of c.


Soundcells sort Nordic Red.

QuoteNordic Red is based on samples from the ever popular Nord Modular G2X synthesizer.

Besides unlimited possibilties of creating a wide range of individual sounds – from 80's retro sounds to modern club patches, emulations of acoustic instruments to a world of sounds that never have delivered before – the main feature of this version of Nordic Red are the G2's "self-playing" patches, called 'Noodles'.

Whether you are playing 'one-finger sessions" or rearranging the Noodles in any way you like – you will always find yourself surprised by stunning new sound textures. By using Reason's fantastic timestretch algorithm (loading the waves as audio files), all samples can be tweaked further, diving deeper into the recordings, bouncing preferred parts and coming up with even more brilliant ambient gems...


*20 marvellous combinator patches.
*35 NNXT patches containing the basic patches which were used to build the combinators.
*24 recordings (up to 1.30 minutes per sample) from the Nord Modular G2X, 305 MB uncompressed.
*Great for all styles of music where deep atmosphere is desired.
*All samples are included into this download in Wave format – ready to use in any other DAW.


Timur Arynov sort Dirty Kit.

QuoteThis drumkit was made using the MFB-522 analog drum-module and Novation Ultranova's internal overdrive\distortion effects.

Then I edited all samples in Audacity and made a Battery 3 drumkit. Also included are also one-shot samples for use in any DAW or sampler. Feel free to download and use it.


*60 Mono 44.1/16 WAV Files recorded with Focusrite Saffire 6.
*2 or 3 variations of each drum sound.
*3 takes for each sound for round-robin implementation.
*Battery 3 kit – HP/LP-filter on each section, 3-step round-robin, little bit of room-reverb and standard GM-mapping.


Marcin Cichy of Skalpel (Ninja Tune) and plugaudiomastering:365breaks project.

QuoteEvery day I will compose/produce (time is limited to 15 minutes for each loop) and upload here one drum break in CD quality format.

It's simple – use it the way you want it. all files are copyrights free.


Sample Magic a sorti Free Christmas Bundle.

QuoteSo we come to the end of another top year of music making. As a way of saying thanks for your support in 2011 – and Happy New Year – we've compiled a tasty, exclusive 170+MB bundle of free loops and samples from some of this year's biggest hitters, from Hed Kandi and Thomas Schumacher to Techno and Indie-Dance by way of Dubstep and Mainroom Anthems.