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Goldbaby Productions a sorti Wurlitzer Side Man.

QuoteThis is possibly the first ever commercially-produced drum machine!

Manufactured in 1959. Has valve drum sounds with a spinning disk controlling the preset rhythms. A nice valve amp and speaker make this a stand alone drum machine.


MrTheBigMan a sorti Padded Cell 4.

QuoteIn the continuation of the Padded Cell series, I have created 30 brand new drum loops and then slowed them down, put them through DevineSounds Graincube and then added effects from Guitar Rig 4.

The plan was to make the sounds as usable as possible whilst also giving cut up ability in order for you to extract sounds from each loop.


Soniccouture passe en gratuit Abstrakt Vol. 1.

QuoteWe have re-released our first product as freeware – the scripting and graphics may look a little old fashioned, but the sounds still sound pretty fresh to us! We include the original scripts – more developed versions of these are to be found in our script product Scriptorium.


*250MB Sample library.
*16 Bit 44.1khz samples.
*64 Kontakt instruments.
*5 KSP Scripts.
*Kontakt format (v3, 4, 5).


Noizefield a sorti Noizedrumz Vol.2.


*All samples created with a nintendo gameboy running nanoloop.
*Recorded and mastered with DBX 386, Cubase 5, Adobe Audition.
*918 Samples (24Bit, 44,1kHz, wav, available stereo and mono).
*6 nki instruments vor Native Instruments Kontakt (v. and above required).
*5 nki BooTweak instruments vor Native Instruments Kontakt (v. and above required).
*9 drum kits for Native Instruments Maschine.


Multiples a sorti E|Drums Mini Vol2 – The Loops.

QuoteSo what do we do with single one shot sounds?

I make them into loops. I have taken all of the samples in E|Drums Mini Vol1 and loaded them into the Massive Drum Machine in Reaktor to create some of the most out there loops I have heard in a while.


Dan Worrall a sorti The Voltage-Controlled Sample Collection Vol. 1.

QuoteIf you didn't know, Voltage-Controlled offers a selection of royalty free samples and loops. Every now and then I'll upload a new sample pack to the site, the samples are completely free to download and you can use them in your own productions or music without having to worry about copyright or anything like that.

A few weeks ago my external hard drive decided that it was going to die on me, this resulted in me losing backups of older sample packs and music. So to make sure that this wouldn't happen again I've gone through the site and re-downloaded the samples.

While I was re-building my backup folder I thought it would be a cool idea to upload the whole thing to the site and give you lot the option to download all of the Voltage Controlled samples at once. So that's exactly what I did, I compressed the samples down into a .RAR file and uploaded them.

The Voltage-Controlled Sample Collection Vol. 1 features over 1GB of samples, including, drum loops, one shots, synth hits, synth waveforms, found sound and more.


MrTheBigMan sort Padded Cell L04.

QuoteIn the pursuit of writing my next record I came across a few new synths with which to mangle sounds and this led to the sound you will hear in this current release of Padded Cell.

Having ran a multitude of loops through Graincube I then harnessed the power of Skanner by Native Instruments. Once this was completed, I ran all of them through Guitar Rig which sealed the deal on some of the best rhythmic and quite plain out there sound design samples I could manage.


Juno Download sort Joey Negro's Essential Accapellas.

QuoteZ Records and Juno are giving away an album full of classic Z Accapellas so you can lock yourself away and produce your own remixes and dj mixes.

The album contains accapella's from legendary vocalists such as Diane Charlemagne, Taka Boom, Pete Simpson, Fonda Rae, Karla Brown, Katherine Ellis, Dave Clarke, Gerideau and more...

The album will only be available for a limited time so don't delay, download your copy now.


Loophunter sort AZ-Rotator FX

QuoteI've always dreamed with to put some sounds over some film or animation. Past year I was recording different sounds and processing them. I imagined some images on my mind and tried to put sounds on it. I have been using this samples on my productions and gigs in the last times, now I would like to share them, so here is a pack with some of these sounds, for you use them like you want.

If you enjoy the samples and make something with them, please let me know!


*100 fx samples, 140 MB content.
*WAV / 32 bits / 44.1khz.
*PC/MAC Compatible (Logic, Cubase, Reason, SonyAcid, Fruity loops, GarageBand, etc...)


MrTheBigMan sort E|DRUMS S03

QuoteI used the Arturia Minimoog emulation to create all of he sounds and then recorded them through my preamp before effecting the sounds in Ableton Live.
I have also added all of the hits I used when making E|Loops XL01 to the pack as well because I hadn't released them and they are very nice indeed, made fully using the Microtonic drum synthesiser.


*Synth Pack – 125 hits covering Kick, Snares and Percussion.
*E|Loops Pack – 161 hits covering kicks through to Found Sounds.
*Overall – 286 Hits @ 56.6mb.


Julian Ray lance une banque de samples en ligne: Sound Blend

QuoteBeing a big fan of Blender 3D, I'm creating this project mostly for Blender users, but of course, these sounds can be useful for everyone, who is involved in games and film production.
There are more than 200 sounds in the Library so far and it grows. All the sounds are WAV / 16 bit / 44100 / Stereo.


Ongelegen sort Binaural 03 | Household Motors

QuoteThis third installment of The Binaural Collection contains recordings of small motors of common household devices such as blenders, juicers, drills etc.
During this recording session I've tried to capture the sounds from three listening perspectives: stationary front, stationary rear and a moving perspective where the sound moves around the stereo field/listeners head. The front and rear perspectives sound very similar as the sounds were recorded close to the microphones.
All sounds are recorded and edited @ 24 Bit, 96 kHz.


Bedroom Producers Blog sort Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions Part 1

QuoteThis free sample pack is the first part of a project I've been looking forward to for a long time. In the next couple of weeks, I'll be publishing three more Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions packs, capturing the sounds of my two C64s powered by the MSSIAH cartridge and its brilliant Mono Synthesizer application.


*Includes 3 sounds: Legend Of SID, Dungeon Of SID, and Rainy Metropolis.
*Created on a Commodore 64 with SID 8580 installed.
*21.8 MB content, 16-bit WAV files.
*Includes Shortcircuit 1 and Kontakt 5 patches.


FatLoud sort FatLoopShop Tester Pack Q1/2012

QuoteFatLoopShop Tester Pack Q1/2012 contains over 120 hot loops & samples selected from latest releases on FatLoopShop: Beuty Strings, Death Kiss, High Heel Vocals 3, Hip Hop Producers Kit, Motivation Synths, Rhythm & Body, Dope Keyz Volume 2, Lil Dope Brass, Lil Dope Piano, Urban Orchestra Uralblack Edition.
What is the price for this collection? It's FREE! That's right!


Updated the samples/instruments page today for my site; added another roland v-drum kit pack, a synth bass, and guitar solos rendered on a Les Paul Deluxe -- just in case anyone could use anything of them... they're there..!  As are others.
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