No save of speed-values in XM

Started by Sam_Zen, September 11, 2006, 23:13:10

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I ran into quite a rare form of using OMPT, because I used a complete music-track of 5:40 as a single sample (2 actually, split in L + R).
I wanted to add the 'Forest' reverb of OMPT to this piece, and then save it as Wav again.
To keep the save simple, I made it possible to get the whole track played in just one pattern by setting the number of steps to the max : 256 and by setting the ticks/row to its max too : 64.
Then with the Initial Tempo at 120, one pattern would have a duration estimated of 5:41, so it worked.

This was done in the XM-format (old habit). For archiving, I saved the module as well.
When I opened this file again, it appeared to have lost those speed-values, it was set back to the default..
To check things, I did the whole thing again in the IT-format and saved it too. Opening that one showed the correct settings.
My suspicion is a bit about the ticks/row max. I never tried this trick with older versions, so I dunno, but maybe this was never possible in the XM-format anyway..


This is a limitation of the XM format, and IMO not a bug, and therefore closing. Rewbs, if you think it should be open again, do so :)

Note that you can always write down the speed commands in the pattern to make sure they got saved ;)

In XM I believe its A40 and A78
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This closing as a bug is right, because your answer proves my suspicion about value-limitations.
I'm aware of declaring the speed-codes in the file-start itself, because it was a must with the MOD-format.