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Started by wes2819, August 06, 2006, 11:24:16

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for example, i have loaded some vst's in this order.
FX1 = distortion
FX2 = flanger
FX3 = blood overdrive

and I want to make a macro for 'FX3 = blood overdrive'. So I click on Zxx , and set 'FX3 = blood overdrive' on SF1 with the parameter I want to use as a macro. And this is my problem, on the moment when I click OK the SF1 automatic  will be set on 'FX1 = distortion'. The same for SF2,SF3,SF4 .....
Who know's what the problem is.
What shall I write here.....


The problem is that you don't actually set SF1 to control a specific plugin, you set it to control parameter N (where N is a number) of ANY plugin. Which plugin you control is decided by instrument or channel (not both tho). The reason you can still choose plugin in the setup is just so that it's easier to select the right parameter, and it defaults to the first plugin.

I hope that's a clear and correct description... ;-)


As Speed-focus said. This is not a bug, and therefor moved to General Chatter.
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sorry I placed this problem in the wrong topic.
And thanks for the answer :p. I will check this out

by the way: I choose in the 'type' section ' control plugin param....
What shall I write here.....


I have read this topic -->
but I still don't know how to do it :(
What shall I write here.....


Maybe I'm just repeating what S-G-F said but:

As far as I understand this there is no 'real' problem here apart from the confusion. If you create macro to SF1 to control parameter x in FX3, that same macro can be used to control parameter y in FX1. So when you reopen the macro editor, and look at the macro SF1, it'll by default show what parameter the macro you created would control for FX1, and while that parameter might be different from the parameter you want to control in FX3, the macro remains the same. You can confirm this by choosing FX3 from the list - the parameter should be the same parameter you wanted to control. Just try to use the macro - it should work. You also might want to see great little tutorial(although the matter is not exactly the same as here) from an another topic (see the link in it)