the .43 release

Started by pera, July 02, 2006, 04:02:23

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I like too much the new release of openmpt :D... the new features are exelents, in special the "Record params" option, i have a lite problem (bug?) with the gui when I click in Options: this text turn invisible! :S but anyway.. i can open this menu =)
my question is: what is the "Pass Key to Plug" option ?

bye !


Hi, I'm not sure I fully understand the bug: what text goes invisible? What steps exactly do you take to make it go invisible?

About "Pass keys to plugs": by default OpenMPT reacts to the keys you press, such as 'ctrl-s' to save, the function keys to switch to pattern view etc... However, some plugins would like to process the keypresses themselves; for example, FM7 has multiple views which can be accessed via the function keys. If you enable "pass keys to plug", OpenMPT will not process the key presses if the plugin window has focus, but will send them to the plugin instead.