Adding a VST-Reverb-Plugin to an VSTi impossible?

Started by Poser, June 29, 2006, 12:16:40

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i would like to add a reverb to a VSTi - is this possible?

I've testet "Output to: (VSTi)" but it doesn't work :-/


Route the VSTi's output to the reverb plugin.  The VSTi must be in a lower slot number than the reverb plugin.

edit: i'd post a screenshot or something, but i can't really do that at work :(


Thanks, i did it in the other way (reverb before vsti)...

And "volume envelope" in the instrument-tab is then also not possible?


No, not to the best of my knowledge.  You'll have to manually send volume commands to the VSTi in the pattern.


You did what? Routed the reverb`s output to a VSTi???? You sure you can do that?
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Quote from: "XAVT"You did what? Routed the reverb`s output to a VSTi???? You sure you can do that?

No, I think he means where in the plugin slots the plugins are listed/loaded
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You can route a reverb to a vsti, but the vsti won't work anymore, cus only the 1st plugin will receive midi info, which in this case is the reverb plugin.

Also, its kind of weird to apply a reverb, and then make the tone. The reverb would not be applied to the tone in any case, only to that what was sounding before.

Nevertheless, I'd still like to see support for midi messages to be send to all instances in the chain, because there are VSTi's that allow you to modify another sound using midi messages. You could put those onto another VSTi. :)
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what about that chainer plugin? or having the rever set to the channels not the instrument?
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