Nintendo 64: Import MID sequence in a MOD project

Started by manuhoz, January 10, 2021, 10:53:17

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Hi everyone,
I want to compose music for Indie Nintendo 64 video games.
The developper team I'm working with, need to feed .mod to their compiler to generate the ROM.
I do have many .MID compos with many channels (12 in average)
I've created over the years for that purpose and I basically want to turn them into .MOD

I've spent sometime on the forum and understand there is no such thing as a magic convertor.
But I assume I could create a MOD project, at least import the sequences from my .MID source file as they look very similar.
I understand it would require manual timing adjustments, applying different instruments to my tracks, that I'm not afraid of.

So how to achieve this MID sequence import into my MOD project ?
And if OpenMPT won't provide this feature, would you know any git project that provides a sequence extraction in an incomplete .mod file I can open in openMPT ?


Saga Musix

MIDI files are imported into OpenMPT's own MPTM format, but through the Song Properties dialog you can convert the file to MOD format. However, as the MOD format is the least capable of all supported formats, you will have to keep in mind that this is a lossy conversion:
- Pitch slides will be inaccurate after conversion and need manual fixing
- Notes cannot overlap on the same channel (so there will be a hard cut if two notes follow each other immediately)
- If you use master volume, channel volume, etc., those will be lost in the MOD format
- It is advisable to replace the default imported MIDI instruments with single-sample instruments before conversion, because the MOD format does not support multi-sampled instruments. OpenMPT resolves all multisamples in the pattern data during conversion, which will make it more complicated to edit the MOD file afterwards. So if there are no multi-sampled instruments to begin with, the cleanup process afterwards will be simpler.

Note that you can also simply copy&paste between different songs in OpenMPT, so you can also create an empty MOD file, and copy the imported MIDI data from the MPTM file into it.
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I have a similar issue as I am coding an Atari Jaguar game(blast from the blast!). However, I am a music moron.

It there a verbose tutorial for converting MID to MOD with OpenMPT? I need a little handholding :)

Saga Musix

I don't think there is any verbose tutorial for this, in particular because this is a multi-step process that requires a lot of manual work that will in general differ with each file to be converted. The restrictions you find in MOD files are really tight and the MIDI import process is not tailored towards them. It might be more effective if you find someone to work with you on your project who generally knows a thing or two about music and trackers, as the process will probably be a lot faster that way. Depending on the complexity of the original files, it may be even faster to manually recreate them directly in MOD format without the automatic conversion process.
If you do have any specific questions about a step in the conversion chain or how to fix a specific problem you are encountering, don't hesitate to ask, though.
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The Mad Doctor

It's better create modules than convert them because the two are complete diferent modules.
If you want help, i can arrange the midi files to mod.

Just send a pm if you want some help.
da mad doctor woz here!


Besides, like The Mad Doctor said, the Nintendo 64 can playback tracker modules as I heard on wiki related sites.