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Started by Cartman1337, April 25, 2021, 07:36:51

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Saga Musix

It seems like they have now implemented MIDI CC 121 (aka Reset All Controllers / All Controllers Off) in a way that doesn't crash, but still incorrectly. From the official MIDI specification: "When a device receives the Reset All Controllers message (121), it should reset the condition of all its controllers (continuous and switch controllers, pitch bend, and pressures) to what it considers an ideal initial state (Mod wheel to 0, Pitch Bend to center, etc.)." - it's not the first time that I see a plugin developer interpreting it as "set all controllers to 0" instead. I'll send them another email asking this to be corrected. It seems like no plugin parameter or CC message can recover from this state, but dialling in a new preset for the Octane UI fixes the issue, so it looks like they reset some internal value when this CC is received that cannot be influenced from the outside.
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Seems like the developer has changed their name from "Sonic Sounds" to "Soundware" now - just a helpful heads up.

The new page is here: https://octane.soundware.io/
My favourite chord transition: Fmaj9 -> Gadd9 :D (I also like it's ±1 semitone variants)