How to select multiple notes at the same time like using Control Key

Started by Falken, December 23, 2020, 16:33:12

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Hello! I have a mess of pattern, and I must go choosing just a few notes that are mixed with others that belong to other instruments. I tryied to hold Control while selecting to go selecting multiple notes but it doesnt work. There's a way to select in this way? Theres any way to select using filters? (For example; select all in Channel 1 & 2 except all the ones that are F-3. Thanks in advance!

Saga Musix

OpenMPT only supports a single rectangular selection, but it can span several channels. Just drag the mouse or shift-click in the pattern.

However, what you want to do may be possible with OpenMPT's powerful Find & Replace tool - as long as you only want to modify and not move those notes, it can probably do what you're looking for.
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In addition to Saga Musix reply, you can also copy an entire block of notes, then search/replace within to remove notes.
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