Stunts Results/Lose Race/Did Not Finish Race Screen Remix Requests

Started by MusicNewbie, September 08, 2020, 20:54:25

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Hi. I want to lay out what I am trying to achieve for the remix.

I have a series of stories, which I might consider making a video game made from the series I am writing, and, basically, there are two girls who are fighting over a boy that they are madly in love with. Long story short, the boy comes to terms that there's a rivalry between them, though, he is unaware that he is the primary reason behind their rivalry. However, what the boy was getting tired of was how they were handling their disputes (by physically fighting), so he intervenes when things get ugly by suggesting they settle their disagreements by racing each other at a race track (not really sure what the equivalent term is for racing on foot).

Now, this is where the remix variants come from.

The girl that wants our hero is Amy Jr. (the daughter of Sonic and Amy Rose), and her rival is Bertha, who is the most popular girl at their school. A little background on Bertha, you can kind of think of her as a mix of Skid Vicious (yep, from Stunts), but, the Rival from Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal. As a reference point, Bertha has a habit of cursing at Amy Jr. (frequently dropping the F word).

Now, I'm thinking of having variants for each race result.

For example:

  • Amy Jr. tests her speed around the track, and generally arrives, but not breaking her record. As a result, her coach gives her advice.
  • Amy Jr. does the same as above, but generally "has a tie" with her best time.
  • Amy Jr. breaks her record in her practice run, and her coach praises her.
  • Amy Jr. races Bertha, and gets sidetracked by our hero (whose name is Moe). Bertha's reaction: "Fuck was that? Listen. When we race, you have to actually finish, not get distracted."
  • Amy Jr. loses to Bertha without being distracted. Bertha's reaction: "Fucking ridiculous. I had to wait so fucking long for you to arrive, I had more than enough time to play a couple of games of Solitaire on my fucking phone, just to pass the time."
  • Amy Jr. wipes out. Bertha's reaction: "What-the-fuck? Yeah, that's a sure way to fucking win."
  • Amy Jr. and Bertha don't finish the race, due to a collision. Bertha's reaction: "Fuck... well, at least you didn't fucking win."
  • Amy Jr. beats Bertha. Bertha's reaction: "The fuck happened? This fucking pincushion beat me at a race! This fuckin' isn't over! I'll be back after some more practice." (Though, this result would trigger the Victory theme).
Now, in the tradition of Stunts, each outcome will warrant the appropriate song and animation. However, since Skid pops a cigarette in his mouth whenever he wins, I will substitute a smoke for something more innocent for Bertha, like popping candy, or something. At the same time, the "Did Not Finish" result will end up being the same sort of thing as Skid's reaction, just the first frame frozen of the "You beat me" animation, and Bertha's actual "You beat me" animation for when Amy Jr. beats Bertha in a race.

Now, I know you're not too fond of the drag and drop remix approach, so, I'm willing to approach your suggestion(s) on each remix. Once I am done making each, I'll send you a link to most likely a ZIP file, or each track (whichever you prefer), so to show you the result of each remix.


I found an example of what I am aiming for.

This remix would fit either Scenario 4, or Scenario 5.