SNES games - Fuurai no Shiren

Started by georg, June 11, 2006, 09:54:34

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Have you ever heard of it? I've only recently tried it cos it was only recently translated into english by those nice Aeon Genesis people.

Anyway if names such as: Chrono Trigger, Bahamut Lagoon, Seiken Densetsu trigger fond memories then maybe you should try it. It's completely weird tho. For example you have infinite lives but each time you die you wake up alive in a village at the beggining of the game loosing all your stuff, levels!!! and XP points. Certainly makes for a different RPG game.

You need the snes9x emulator, game and english translation patch.

game + translation: ed2k://|file|Fuurai%20no%20Shiren%20-%20SNES%20ROM%20+%20Aeon%20Genesis%20english%20translation%20(use%20snes9x%20v1.41-1).rar|2506336|F85BBF9CFED1501845A6B4C2B62E1661|h=D6T7RIXTTTPWSUUDJNQ3LH4F4O4CCG6B|/|sources,|/


EDIT - You can find the rom yourself without bothering with eMule but the patch is quite specific and doesn't work with any version of the ROM. The translation alone is here:
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