Best tracker type for converting to OGG later

Started by marbeltoast, March 25, 2020, 19:00:40

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I'm fairly new to the audio game, but I need music for my video game, so I'm trying to compose tunes to convert to the .ogg file type, which is the only one that my game dev software (RPG maker MV) can easily recognise.

Trouble is, I've tried with the default .MOD settings, and although the basic starter song we get taught on the wiki plays properly after conversion, once it reaches the end of the track, there's an awkward stutter before it starts from the top again.

Is there a way to configure the in-software tracker type and/or song properties so that this stutter is avoided for future songs? Is this something unavoidable? Any help at all would be immensily appreciated.

Saga Musix

If you don't care about spreading the tracked music file itself, use MPTM, as it's OpenMPT's native format with the biggest amount of features. Choosing any other format just means that you have less features available, which doesn't make sense if you aim for streaming export anyway.

I don't quite get what you mean by stutter at the end but maybe you run into the fact that the MOD format only supports patterns with 64 rows; if your last pattern has less rows, you need to put a pattern break command on the last row to be played. But as said, simply use MPTM and you won't have any of those troubles.
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