[Synthpop] Toward High (MPTM, MP3)

Started by mg_2018, January 08, 2020, 02:34:43

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I have listened to this music many times until I give OK sign to myself...
Use headphones for better listening.

I thought this music's genre to 'rock' at first, but changed to 'synthpop' because of the lead sound.

Download link: MPTM / MP3
Update: Download MPTM file with no externals at here (just 200KB bigger in size)

Saga Musix

Nice composition, and indeed more synthpop than rock. It could probably do with some better drums than GM "Room" drums. They are not bad, but layering them with another drum kit could make them sound better. Layering the bass samples with another sub bass sample might also sound better than the ParamEq that you currently use to boost the low bass frequencies. Apart from that it's pretty good.

A general hint: You are using some of the samples that come with OpenMPT as external samples. While this might work at the moment, future versions of OpenMPT may or may not include those anymore, or they may be put in a different location, so you should make sure that the "Keep sample data on disk" checkbox is unchecked for those samples when spreading the MPTM file to the internet.

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