[Space Music] Farewell (MP3) v5.2.1

Started by I-S3-O, January 08, 2020, 05:03:26

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So, on-and-off, I've still been working on this song, which I've posted before. I'm still looking for critique on it, and the main thing I'm looking for is how to make it more interesting. Currently, the melody feels like it fades into the background, and you can (or well I can) tune out most of the song while listening.

As said before, it's supposed to be about saying farewell to some loved one, with an attempt to find something new. It should feel somewhat like a call to action or discovery.

You can check out the old and new versions below for comparison. The most recent one is the one mentioned in the OP Title.

Farewell V2 (from AAAGES ago...)
Farewell v5.2.1