Modplug is awesome

Started by Exhale, May 16, 2019, 09:52:49

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I really havent said anything about my mental illness on these modplug forums, because it is not something I have felt the right to talk about here. But I suffer from depression, crippling and debilitating, almost constant depression. My emotions tend to be hate and utter sadness with small little moments of something approaching happiness. There are many reasons for these feelings, but the most important has to be the fact that I had temporal lobe epilepsy while growing up, and depression is a symptom of it in the medicated individual - yes I take medication... although I haven't in a few days.

I was at a really low point this morning. Contemplating the big S asap.

O Modplug is just so great, the fact that this software even exists with such a loving and caring community gives me hope for tomorrow.
I want you all to know that.
I love you, what you do humbles me and helps me live through each day.
All software should be like modplug, free, open source, and supported by wonderful people such as you.

I cannot love photoshop the way I love modplug, I cannot love my operating system the way I love modplug (although I have contemplated moving to unix which follows the open source and free system that makes modplug so great, I am not very technically minded and, I admit, scared of it), there is just nothing out there that  does what modplug does for me.

Keep safe guys and gals of modplug, and please know every letter, number and symbol in the code, and every post on the forums is greatly appreciated, possibly more than you can know.  :'(

I generally try to keep a calm and stoic attitude online, and I think this is for the best most of the time, but you guys touched my heart today - again - and I wanted to let you know.
The turtle moves!