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Started by Exhale, May 16, 2019, 10:37:06

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I am not sure if there is a post like this on the modplug forums or not, but I decided to give the post a go regardless.

Musicians arent all the same, that much is obvious to any person who has ever spent any time among musicians. We all have our strengths and weaknesses failures and triumphs.

I, for example, started my musical life by singing in the Durban Boy's Choir as a lad of 8 years old, did a bit of dancing (tap, modern and even ballet [go ahead and mock, I am old enough to take it]) and then I moved on to the piano at the age of 11 and guitar at the age of 13, which is also when I started tracking. I have never been a technically minded person, but I was awe struck by what good old impulse tracker could do, and because of a few years of piano and my dreams of guitar I was highly motivated to learn, and after a while I was making my very own full songs on impulse tracker. Eventually I moved on to modplug tracker and then to Open Modplug tracker, and havent looked back.

I was thinking a post like this could encourage musicians to work together, since we all here use OMPT, the task can be as simple as exchanging unfinished .it, .mptm, .xi etc files with eachother, and making changes, adding our own individual flair etc.

I would like to encourage everyone who would like to collab on this post with someone, to post a [bio] like I did above in this thread, followed by some more specifics of where you feel your strengths and weaknesses in music production are so we can all hopefully find the right match/matches for any form of tune collaboration. If you would like to open up unfinished tunes for collaboration consideration, then post the code, or a link to the download of the code (if it is too big), right here in this post along with the [bio] and specifics of your capabilities.

Also, please keep the collaborations understanding of each other. Respect the work a person does in a tune, and most importantly feel free to have fun.

I, like many people out there can be very precious about my music, and can get very emotional if someone bulldozes and destroys my faith in the few things I am sure I can do well, so let's try and understand each other, keep the communication for each collaboration as thorough as possible, so no one ends up standing on anyone else's toes.

Feel free to change your post at any time, if you feel like it requires fine tuning, and especially if you have finished collaborating on a song and wish to take that song down for collaboration consideration.

I play instruments, and unfortunately my electric keyboard is unusable at the moment, so full piano pieces will take more time, but fortunately I have my akai apc key 25 midi device to get close enough to piano like code which for the purposes of collaboration will be a lot better than raw wav recordings anyways. I experiment with other software, and use audacity to record vocals. I can sing about 3 octaves and with enough practice will not need an autotune, but I do like to experiment with more organic styles of production so autotune is an option I am unafraid of. I can record anything from simple guitar chords to full guitar jam sessions to add to the tune, and have become pretty proficient at vst effects to turn my good old acoustic guit into some pumping rythem jams. I can code basic drums well enough, and do variation well to a degree, but I admit I am lacking in this department and would love to hand over the reins here. My coding is ok, I can make some build ups, become a bit of a stickler for mixes, love making general loops and themes, and of corse have made many tunes in the past from start to finish. I am looking for collaboration to get me out of my comfort zones. I am a bit obsessed with originality, but yeah, I am posting this because I would like to break my mold, dash my preconceptions and have fun doing so.
I was obsessed with getting house, trance, and goa right as a child growing up, but I never obsessed enough to try to outright copy other tunes except in the cases of remixes, although I did them I never did listen to the reference tunes to get my versions to sound exactly the same.
Mostly I track in House or a style I have come to call something like Trap music, but I have experimented with many genres and I am open to doing all sorts of wonderful crossovers and new inventive abstracts.


I hope this post is welcome, and I hope we can all find people to have all forms of musical fun with here.
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