Some nodes are weird on my Amiga

Started by VoltureX, November 21, 2013, 10:20:16

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I have made a Protracker module in OpenMPT but when I load it on my Amiga there are problems with some nodes.

When It loads up the nodes seems fine but when I hit play they all change to "C-1".

Have anyone been in the same situation and what can I do to keep the nodes?



Saga Musix

Remember that the Amiga's frequency range is limited to three octaves. Anything below C-4 and above B-6 in OpenMPT won't sound as intended on the Amiga. To help you locate such notes, you can enable ProTracker 1.x mode in the Song Properties dialog, which will then highlight such notes in red.
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Thanks Saga.

I will look into that later today.

Volt.  ;)