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Started by W2xx, June 05, 2013, 16:02:44

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Hi, I'm kind of a noob to openmpt, but I've been having problems with adding multiple instruments from samples. I know the first instrument is the main one you use for your pattern, but I want that particular instrument for a few lines before switching to a different one. When I was able to import the instruments, they showed up in the drop down menu, but whenever I try to play my notes, it only uses the main instrument. Any way I can fix this? Thanks

Saga Musix

I'm not sure I understand the question correctly. Did you actually choose the desired instrument from the dropdown list? The instrument that is shown when the dropdown list is closed is the "active" instrument; any notes entered in the pattern are automatically assigned to that instrument. If you choose another instrument, notes entered into the pattern will be played using that instrument instead. You can also manually edit the instrument numbers next to the note to point to a certain instrument.
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Indeed. As Saga Musix suggests. To make it more clear, what Saga Music means is that this dropdown list is in the pattern editor screen.  So selecting a different instrument from the instrument tab will not change your active instrument.
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