WAV export BPM not in sync

Started by aurax, November 05, 2012, 10:38:45

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I recently took an old track from impulse tracker and exported it to WAV format, the export seems not "seat" perfectly on the beats, any idea why?

It seems that the export is slightly faster then the BPM settings in cubase (both are 148)


Saga Musix

Please read up on tempo modes in the manual. In short: Tracker BPM never were accurate, that's why trackers like OpenMPT added a "modern tempo mode", which works differently, but provides exact BPMs. Depending on how speed commands are used in the tune in question, it might be possible to upgrade it to modern tempo mode (you will first have to convert it to the MPTM format in the same dialog) without any audible differences so that it uses exact BPMs, but it might also very well screw up the song completely.
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