[Search] Hi, im searching a mod file, please read on ...

Started by cnarrow, March 19, 2006, 18:12:57

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Hi i've searched for a working download link for the file Gyllene Regnb?gen
by Jj?ks.
Im frustrated because im searching for this tune a long time.

I have listendet last to it 2 years ago due my HD-Crash i've lost all my
modules :(

Yesterday i found an old Audio CD with CD-Text enabled with Jj?ks tune.
It was titled "gyll" so i've just enterd it here on the modplug music archive
and the full title was found (how nice) :), But i can'T download it here from the modplug archive.

The link to this file doesn't work:

And traxonspace is also down a long time.

Does anyone has this tune on his computer?
If yes, you could send me it to "de85@gmx.net"

I would be very happy about this :)

Greetings cnarrow

(my english hasn't changed  :lol: )