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Started by Paul Legovitch, May 06, 2010, 16:10:20

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Paul Legovitch

In the tree view I can already expand all song folders of several loaded modules and then drag and drop instruments and samples from one to another. That's a great feature I use all the time to test, edit and compare instruments before I load them back into the main module.
It's very practical to have all these folders expanded at the same time.

Would it be possible to make the instrument library folder likely expandable so that I could instantly visualize several folders of my hard drive ?
This way I could set its path to my "tracking" folder and expand several categories at the same time :

That would allow me to quickly throw in sounds and instruments in my project from a number of locations (and previewing them in the lower part of the tree view as usual). That would greatly increase my workflow when searching for the sound I want to give to my track.

Paul Legovitch

As a workaround I now use the windows' explorer side by side with ompt to drag and drop files from multiple locations into the song.
I didn't know it was even possible until a few days ! The problem is that I can't preview the sounds.

So let me advocate again for a real tree view where the hard drive would be presented as a tree of expandables folders.
As of now the tree view is not really a tree view is it ?
As hard drives get bigger and files and instruments increase in number, a directory tree browser would be the definite tool for sound design and fast workflow. I think :)