"Save All VST Presets"

Started by RG (aka AUDIOMONSTER), May 27, 2010, 09:00:19

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A few days ago, I was working on a videogame soundtrack with MODPlug and many VST.

Something weird happened : beginning a session, I started to load the music I was working on, and during the process, I got a "Error Replacing" message for several VST.

The big problem is that all VST that were signaled by this message had to be reloaded, and above all, I had lost the presets I did for this musc for each of thoses "replaced" VST.

So, of course, a solution to avoid loosing them, in the future, would be to save each preset.

But it would be far more comfortable, I  think, to be able to "Save all VST presets", an action that could create as many VST preset files as there are in the song, with their name and/or FX number, so no risk anymore...



Saga Musix

Just to clarify one thing: Do you mean that the current preset of every VST should be exported, or each and every preset of every VST? I imagine the latter one to be a rather funny situation when using Synth1, which has 10000+ preset slots... :)
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Of course, yes, I meant the current preset of each VST ;-)