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Started by Relabsoluness, January 25, 2010, 22:03:26

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Saga Musix

Quote from: "Paul Legovitch"An option to use this new command to record notes live would be a great plus (instead of SDx for note trigger and note off).
I was considering this, but I was too lazy.

QuoteBut why not also have some tuning files in it?
Well, simply because I don't use tuning and I actually have no useful tuning files that could be included by default.
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I don't use tuning either but it would be to nice to have some examples to illustrate the possibilities modplug has to offer.

You can find some tuning files here:
I don't think harbinger would mind if he is asked.


The links on that page are broken...

I have a slew of tunings (those listed on that page) that i'll be glad to make available not only for DL, but also for the next build. I had uploaded them to the old modplug site, but may have been lost when the account was lost/closed. At a future date, i will upload them to either uncloned's or Jojo's site so they will be nice and safe (both of them have proven stability in their site maintenance).

Most of the tunings i have are scales, not only making use of the 'b' character for flat key signatures but also a couple using E# for F and B# for C. I'm still using these for my piano suites, and it makes translation from paper to mod much more intuitive. (The OHM has a section on applying these scales.)

When i upload them and they're available, i'll create a new thread. :wink:

Saga Musix

As OpenMPT seems to be quite stable, it has now been officially released to The update will be done ASAP.
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Thanks for the release!
Which revision are you using btw?

Saga Musix

That should be revision 610, but Relabs might know better.
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Just checked the sourceforge page and the downloader has been changed to a html-file with instructions. I'm not sure if that's the best way to do so. People might get afraid if something has happened or other security issues.
My suggestions if inno setup allows this, to let innosetup download the mo3 file directly from, for the zip file readfirst.txt or a warning at the first time use that you need mo3 to open compressed file or something.

Saga Musix

I also hope that this is just a temporary solution, but currently it is not possible to do it differently - InnoSetup does not come with downloading capabilities by default, and offering an OpenMPT package without unmo3 is also a bit sub-par. We'll work on it.
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My thoughts:

1. Have only the installer file available, zip should only be possible to get from openmpt or, but from sourceforge should only th installer. People want it to easy and to not have to many options to choose from.  A nice video about choices:

2. Move to another installer that allows downloading capabilities. I suggest  Unicode NSIS, most of the famous software like google, mozilla are using this version. There are plugins for downloading capabilities built-in, but some other can give you even more possibilities.
This way you're saving bandwidth and people from being confused when downloading Modplug tracker.

3. profit!

Saga Musix

Well, as I said, it's just not possible by default, but one can do this with scripting - which I would prefer over using NSIS.
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Nice job, Jojo. I'm happy with the install procedure.
The less registry, the better.


would it be possible to get back the old mpt-associated icon / module symbol instead of the new ico-file?
10 years on ModPlug... f#cking hell...

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Saga Musix

Yes... just point the file association to mptrack.exe and not the .ico file.
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Saga Musix

Hi all,
OpenMPT is up for testing. Please report how you get on with the new version, which is mostly a bug fix build, but also contains a few new features. If it's working well enough, it will be available from and in a few days.

Some noteworthy improvements:

  • Panic button
  • General tab: The VST preset list is now only filled on demand, so that it doesn't take ages to switch to Plugins like Synth1 which have a huge list of presets.
  • Pattern tab: Interpolation behaviour like in MPT 1.16 (when interpolating between data and an empty field)
  • Instrument tab: Dragging envelope nodes with Ctrl moves the tail of the envelope
Setup (Installer)
Download from (FTP)
Download from (HTTP)
Download from (HTTP)

MD5: 7d514cb5c8a58c1351e3bba618c91f1e
SHA-1: 3fd88395ff3eba778849fbd0250f11337594912c

Zipped Download
Download from (FTP)
Download from (HTTP)
Download from (HTTP)

MD5: a74050cf4c945bd21bbf41822b042d87
SHA-1: 359a668a95ab8a025eb71c1403430a9689ddde88

v1.18.03.00 (August 2010, revision 673)

General tab
   [Imp] <Jojo> To prevent OpenMPT from hanging while switching between plugins (or switching to the general tab), the preset box is only filled when it gets the focus. This makes working with Synth1 a lot easier, since it has an insane amount of presets... :)
   [Mod] <Jojo> Changed tab order of the lower panel (now it's more logical to me)

Sequence editor
   [Imp] <Jojo> When inserting patterns at an empty position, the position counter is not increased anymore.
   [Imp] <Jojo> Improved sequence name display in context menu for empty sequences.

Pattern tab::pattern editing
   [Imp] <Jojo> Just like in MPT 1.16, it is now possible again to interpolate between an effect and "nothing". In that case, the same value as the already existing one is repeated between the two rows.
   [Fix] <Jojo> When the first column of a pattern selection (larger than one selection field) was the parameter column, PCNote values in this column were not reset properly.
   [Fix] <Jojo> Pattern Editor: Transposing notes up/down doesn't allow notes which are actually supported by the current module format (f.e. notes below C-1 in XMs) anymore.
   [Fix] <Jojo> Keyboard shortcut for toggling record state didn't save the change, so it was reset with every new module.

Pattern tab::Note properties
   [Imp] <Jojo> Effect info now shows the real finetune values for E5x in MOD/XM and E2x in S3M instead of just 0...15.
   [Imp] <Jojo> Set envelope position effect (Lxx in XM) is now explained better.
   [Fix] <Jojo> Fixed a null pointer related crash when accessing the note properties of malicious and not-so-malicious modules (f.e. jt_pools.xm) which have more than 256 sample slots.

Sample tab
   [New] <Jojo> It's now also possible to create sample selections using Shift + click (this is still behaving a bit non-obvious if you don't know what you're doing :).
   [New] <Jojo> Sample Drawing: Horizontal lines can now be drawn by holding down the shift key.
   [Imp] <Jojo> Finetune range is now limited from -8 to 7 for MOD files.
   [Imp] <Jojo> When hovering the relative note and finetune controls, the actual C-5 frequency is now also shown for MOD files. Previously, this only worked for XM files.
   [Fix] <Jojo> When using the spin button next to the finetune or frequency control, the module was not marked as modified.

Instrument tab
   [New] <Jojo> Pressing Ctrl while dragging a point in the envelope editor now also moves the tail of the envelope.
   [Imp] <Jojo> More helpful value display for the panning envelope in the status bar with indication what's left and what's right.
   [Imp] <Jojo> If an instrument is not initialized yet, this is done automatically now, so that changes done to the instrument are not lost, although it looks like they are actually applied (f.e. when trying to edit a previously deleted instrument).
   [Imp] <Jojo> Fadeout values up to 32767 are allowed again for XM files, as FT2 can actually handle them (and other apps like Milky support them as well)
   [Imp] <Jojo> Panning ranges from 0 to 256 again for MPTM, and from 0 to 64 for IT files (previously, it ranged from 0 to 255).
   [Imp] <Jojo> Sample Map accepts various new shortcuts now.
   [Imp] <Jojo> When pasting an envelope with a release node, it's now ignored in formats that don't support it.
   [Reg] <Jojo> Envelope release nodes cannot be enabled for IT files anymore, but they are still played for compatibility. (One has to start removing the crap from the old formats at some point...)

   [Imp] <Jojo> Treeview: Ask for confirmation when deleting patterns, samples, instruments, sequences.
   [Fix] <Jojo> Deleting a sample from the treeview and then applying undo for this sample in the sample editor crashed OpenMPT.

Mod conversion
   [Imp] <Jojo> Some improvements with converting note cuts, ECx/SCx and EDx/SDx.
   [Imp] <Jojo> When converting to XM, rogue note delays are removed from the patterns to avoid interference with a FT2 bug.
   [Imp] <Jojo> Envelope release nodes are now removed when converting from MPTM.
   [Fix] <Jojo> When converting to MPTM, "+++" separator patterns are not recognized as sub tune indicators anymore, as that was quite annoying.
   [Fix] <Jojo> Channel settings were not reset properly for MOD/XM/S3M, only the first channel was fixed. (tx Sam_Zen)
   [Fix] <Jojo> Extra fine portamento was not converted properly when converting from IT/MPTM/S3M to XM.

Playback (see also format-specific changes below)
   [Mod] <Jojo> Invert loop (.MOD effect) is now ignored on 16-bit samples (only important during editing, since .MODs can only contain 8-bit samples anyway)
   [Fix] <Jojo> The Pattern Loop command did not work properly on rows > 255

   [Imp] <Jojo> If a plugin is specified for an IT instrument and no MIDI channel is assigned, the plugin is written into the IT instrument header (in MPT 1.16's old manner), so that MPT 1.16 / XMPlay / BASS can make us of "FX Send" again. (tx Skaven)
   [Imp] <Jojo> If filter envelopes are used, a different value for the cmwt ("compatible with") field is now used in compatibility export (like in SchismTracker).
   [Fix] <Jojo> Instrument panning was not converted properly.

   [Fix] <Jojo> Various fixes to the pattern loop command (E6x), including a crucial FT2 bug: When E60 is used on a pattern row x, the following pattern also starts from row x instead of the beginning of the pattern, unless there was a Dxx or Cxx effect.
   [Fix] <Jojo> Prevent notes to be stopped after a fadeout. This way, a portamento effect can pick up a faded instrument which is long enough. This occurs for example in the bassline (channel 11) of jt_burn.xm. Not tested with many XMs yet, I hope this won't break anything else...

   [Imp] <Jojo> Panbrello is not saved anymore in compatibility mode.
   [Fix] <Jojo> Completely empty patterns are loaded as empty 64-row patterns in FT2, regardless of their original size. This is now being circumvented by adding a D00 effect at the end of such patterns.
   [Fix] <Jojo> Saving XM files with 127 channels (sigh) was broken.

   [Fix] <Jojo> Samples with very short loops (4 bytes) are now loaded properly. Fixes "a tiny problem.s3m" by slash.
   [Fix] <Jojo> Notes with an SD0 effect were not ignored properly when there was a row delay effect on the same row. Now they should be ignored in any case.

Other modules
   [Imp] <Jojo> Song messages are now loaded with more accuracy for some formats.
   [Imp] <Jojo> J2B Loader: J2B files with extended instrument settings and multiple samples per instrument work properly now. Such J2B files were not used in the game but have been created by JJ2 players using MOD2J2B.
   [Imp] <Jojo> OKT Loader: Completely new IFF-based loader, translated from SchismTracker code with permission from Storlek. This loader is a *lot* more accurate, but still misses a few pattern effects.
   [Imp] <Jojo> PSM Loader: Small improvements.
   [Fix] <Jojo> MTM Loader: The "beats per track" (means lines per pattern) setting is now taken into account.
   [Fix] <Jojo> PSM16 Loader: Since the control channels were muted, tempo commands were ignored, effectively slowing down some PSM16 tracks.
   [Fix] <re>   MPTM Saver: When deleting patterns using the treeview, it was possible that Parameter Control Notes were not saved properly anymore.

   [New] <Jojo> Experimental "panic" button on the main toolbar. At the moment, it just kills all VSTi and sample voices.
   [Imp] <Jojo> Added mnemonic codes to the wave export controls.
   [Mod] <Jojo> In the mod type dialog, the "misc flags" can now be toggled using check buttons instead of an edit field.
   [Mod] <Jojo> Various file loaders / savers: A new logging mechanism is used to display only one message box with errors and warnings instead of many message boxes.
   [Mod] <Jojo> Updated DE_jojo.mkb to include new shortcuts, remapped a few others (for IT-style).
   [Mod] <Jojo> Updated FR_mpt_(legovitch).mkb.
   [Fix] <Jojo> Colour Setup: Some colours in the MPT default colour scheme were not set up properly when switching between presets.

Additional file hashes:
MD5: 291f4e47686a4135090e0cb0d01d5877
SHA-1: e9a8b9628fa4ad51829f18a464607dab336cb871

MD5: 8708b79c258cc5f4ef94fc86e35c25b4
SHA-1: c3ea301a6122517361a7f7f8bdae47c8f0c7775f

MD5: 2bc3934850fef1cb78b6acd1673e5969
SHA-1: 2e17f7bb6d19ce326851333b918070c5357cacd1 
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