Modplug on a 64-bit processor

Started by arinlares, April 23, 2009, 07:21:03

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I just got a new computer, and was going though the programs I was transferring, when I remembered on Modplug's SourceForge page, there was a build for Athlon64 processors.  So, I downloaded this version, but ran into an issue:  It doesn't import the MPTM format (I don't know why I use MPTM, but I do).

My question:  Would     OpenMPT_1.17RC1_P4-Athlon64 run any different than the most recent Modplug build on multiple processors?  Thanks in advance for any help.  I'll provide specs if needed.

I haven't noticed any issues so far, using the regular .48 build.  Thought I'd mention that.


You are 100% better off with the more recent versions, less bugs, (lot) more features. I'm remembering that Athlon64 build, but they were perhaps just some minor optimizations in the code on that time (i'm not one of the developers, so i couldn't know for sure).
No versions (even the recent beta) of OMPT can utilize multiple cores.
Also the recent stable release is .52 not .48.
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Well, thanks, that's more than I knew.  I'll upgrade to .52.


IIRC, you can actually still build OpenMPT with a 64bit flag set. Devs?


Quote from: "bvanoudtshoorn"IIRC, you can actually still build OpenMPT with a 64bit flag set. Devs?
I'm not sure what you mean by '64bit flag', but there's nothing that I know of what I would call '64bit flag'.