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Started by bvanoudtshoorn, March 11, 2009, 23:30:56

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Lots of feature requests from me at the moment...

OK, a while ago I put in a request that you be able to move into the previous and next pattern nicely using the keyboard. It'd also be nice if I could just click in the previous or next pattern, and have the selection moved appropriately: in other words, make it a truly transparent process.

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I'm not sure if that is a good idea (at least I myself wouldn't like it), so what do other people say?
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Erm, you mean that if "Show prev|next patterns" is enabled, that area becomes clickable? So if I'm viewing pattern 1 for example and I can see the next pattern 2 (grayed), I can click somewhere on the grayed field to instantly jump to the position I clicked? I agree, it would be nice then :)


@Nahkranoth: that's exactly what I mean. :)


This feature could transform the whole concept of tracking if you could extend this to include the selectable option of viewing the entire song as if it was 1 pattern.

IE, the pattern list will continue ticking away as usual whenever the selection/play moves into a new pattern but the view of the scrolling code will look like one long pattern.

However you'll want some sort of unobtrusive indicator to show the patterns for editing purposes
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That's exactly what I'm after, Exhale. :)