HardSID support?

Started by iFX, January 17, 2006, 13:38:29

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Hello all, I searched for hardsid in the forum but nothing was found so here my question,...

Does the new version supports hardSID or hardSID Quattro Soundcards?

for those who don't know about hardsid check hardsid.com

I ask so because I have a quattro but currently I only got one sid installed and I remember using 1 chip's 3 tracks seperately on the good old c-64 in trackers but these doods made some odd decissions when they constructed their hardsid, instead of leaving it to the user to assign any sound to one of the 3 tracks they bundled the tracks and gave so the option to create complex sounds by squeezing the 3 tracks into one, now the only thing I could do is use an c-64 emulator and a c-64 tracker within the emulator but that's not what I wanted and well as trackers come from the time of c-64 I thought the first place it should have support is trackers!? Anyway I hope anyone is into hardSID here and can maybe provide some tricks and tips?

I work with Ableton live 5 and Cubase SX2 but lately I don't even touch cubase anymore, instead I enjoy experimenting with Native Instruments Reaktor, Kontakt, Micro modular, HardSID and Live...

The only thing that's getting on my rocker is that this hardSID simply don't wanna work the old way in Live, Hope it's gonna work with the new mod plug. Gonna try it this afternoon!

Sorry for mistakes but I'm in a hurry!


I had a glance around the website, and if I understand correctly the hardSID cards include SID chips that can be controlled via MIDI.
OpenMPT doesn't do native MIDI out so you'll have to use a VST2MIDI plugin (search forums).
Let us know how it goes!