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Started by totally_mental, January 29, 2009, 12:16:13

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yes... with a real one.

There is apparently a flaw in win 98 that makes it run excessive instructions that affects virtual box. I found out after that there is a fix for it.

None of the computers I have now would I want to devote to Win98. The one that I had, an IBM thinkpad 600x with 500 MHz Pentium III and 327 megs ram and 20 gig hard drive, I donated to a ferret shelter. Her husband has cancer and she can use it when she is at his bedside or in the hospital.

I didn't really look into putting win 98 on it. I only just this week started thinking FT 2 again.

Unless can you dual boot dos??


My Soundcard is the M-Audio Audiophile 24/96. Same issue.
I remember reading that someone used the older drivers for it and it worked fine in Modplug. Personally I just use the DirectX.
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Unfortunately Sonar couldn't use directx. Open mpt has no problem yes. But I like a musical staff for classical music which is what I mostly write now. A tracker is best for ambient with samples though. I tried FT2 in dosbox on the quad - I got sound but it acted really goofy.


I gave up and used Open MPT

I still find mpt to act strange when entering notes etc. but maybe its all about what you are used to.

I'm posting the piece here in free music in a couple minutes.