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Started by RG (aka AUDIOMONSTER), November 30, 2008, 05:29:21

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A very usefull option, fom my point of view :

The possibility to transpose all instruments notes, except some selected ones of a song (in all or selected patterns).

So, it would be easy to up or down a song without affecting snares, hihats, or other kind of instruments you wouldn't want to affect when transposing a tune ;-)

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This is a very complicated thing to do and I cannot really imagine how to implement it. But there's something you can do...
You can use a special instrument mapping so *any* note of an instrument will play the sample at the same pitch.

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It would be simpler to do a search->replace all for the mentioned instruments instead.

I guess a batch search->replace function would be needed here.

You select batch, and then check all the "if" settings. In that same dialog, you could have the option to choose select all, and then uncheck the ones you don't want. That would give the same result.
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Quote from: "Jojo"This is a very complicated thing to do and I cannot really imagine how to implement it.
How about a "protect from transpose" checkbox in the Instrument Editor? (default off).

When the user selects an area in the pattern and Transposes it, OMPT would check if the note's instrument is protected, and only transpose the unprotected notes.


Perhaps it would be easier to simply extend the Find/Replace dialog so that you can specify how many semitones to move a note up or down? That way, you could use the channel from/to fields to limit what the transposition is applied to and reuse (and extend) existing functionality. Most people I know tend to write in a fairly organised fashion -- drums in channels x, y, z, piano in channels a, b, c, and so on. I don't think that running a search and replace a couple of times is too much effort...

Perhaps it could be further augmented by including a pattern range, rather than the all or nothing implementation it has at the moment.


I think I'd favor a general option to lock specific instruments and channels from all editing. Instruments could be locked in the treeview just like solo or mute instrument (perhaps muted instruments should be locked automatically?) (actually there should be a special tab with a list of all instruments where you change the most important options including mute, lock, volume and then the current instruments tab where you can edit more stuff but only view one instrument at a time), and channels could be locked from the pattern editor (or again, muted channels are locked). In case of the idea with muted=locked is good, there could always be a "mute lock override" option in the search and replace window.