C64 sid vst?

Started by CoolDudeClem, October 09, 2008, 16:49:47

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Are there any good sid vsti's out there?  I'd like to feature C64-style music in my songs, and even make a vsti "chiptune" or two, but I just cant find a good enough vst to do so.  I've tried QuatraSID, but it's practically impossible to figure out and not free. :( In Unknown64 I have no idea what I'm doing, besides it sounds "sampled" and not emulated, high notes just sound like there sped up samples.  So is there a vsti that has a easy to understand gui, like the ym vst, and emulate the good ol' sid chip sound?  Could I make one in synthedit?  if so, how?  :?
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there is goat tracker, but that's not a VST. as the SID really has to be programmed to create those typical sounds, you will always have to deal with those codes which probably scare you to death. :p another solution would be to use samples. there are plenty of good mods with have decent SID samples.
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ROFL :lol:
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Ok, I've been browsing for a couple of hours and I've found Sidmonster, it seems pretty good, I'm trying it out and so far it's met my needs.  here's a link: http://lday.ld.funpic.de/new/sidmonster.htm
Life brings you great gifts with one hand, and stabs you in the back with the other.


I made one in Synth edit which gets me C64 sounds, but its not easy to explain, and my plugin isn't finished enough to share it either, but its possible, yeah.
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Quote from: "Rakib"http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2008/04/11/free-virtual-commodore-64-vst/

How about this one?
There are some good VSTs on that page too!
And I can recommend Odo Unknown 64 and DrSid.
Look for them HERE