An idea on improving Modplug quality

Started by Inventor, December 23, 2005, 16:10:52

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Many things I?ve recently read here concerning the quality of Modplug resampling algo. Well, unfortunately it?s true that resampling engine of Modplug is not perfect. And it is not only a matter of hearing the difference as some people try to say. If you really need a quality suitable for further mix and mastering it should be perfect or close to it. I believe that resampling engine of Modplug will get perfect in a near future :-) (maybe I?m an optimist?). But anyway even right now you can get a better quality in Modplug. It?s of course a bit of work but maybe for some people it will be worth it.
The way I propose it to happen is to get a free plugin sfz ( and just use it instead of samples in MPT. Run as many instances of sfz as you need (and as your pc can handle) and it will do a job. I know ? that?s a bit stupid to use a plugin for playing samples when MPT is dedicated to do so, but on the other hand ? when you really need that superb quality of your tracks this seems to do the job.
And there will be a difference in quality. You can check it by yourself ? just load the same for example hihat sample in sfz instrument and in typical modplug instrument. Put both with a low pitch in a pattern and than render the song to wav. You unfortunately don?t need to be a sound engineer to hear the difference.

Just an idea for people who are hungry for quality. And I still crave for that perfect resampling in Modplug itself!

Best wishes


I totally agree - if you're unhappy with MPT's sampler, use a plugin, that's what they are for.
Having said that, because the sampler is such a fundamental part of MPT, it is one of the few parts of the app that could already be replaced by plugins and that I do intend to work on and improve.


I agree on the fact that a plugin can make MPT sound better. However, Since MPT is a tracker that was designed to work with wave files, the lack to use effects on a VSTi is what keeps me from using VSTi's to the max. I do play with VSTi's, but I tend to use samples/instruments more.
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