Handling of vocals in MPT. Anyone?

Started by Harbinger, April 12, 2008, 03:03:49

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These three eq settings might be useful. They're some of the presets in Kontakt. I've got screenshots and short OGG files with a vocal sample played under each setting. The original sound is here.

Vocal bump

Old radio

Dance voice


KEWL!  Where Zen ends, BV begins!! 8)  Give us a quick link to that VST. Will it work in Windows 98 (133 mHz)?

Saga Musix

it seems to be part of kontakt which is quite pricy and will definitely not run on a 133mhz machine :P
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ohhhh :cry:

It's look powerful! I'm lucky if i can get Blue Reverb to not cause MPT to skip! :)


Yeah, it is Kontakt. It's fairly powerful... But it's only three band. And it's limited to working internally, so I can't, for example, route any other plugs through it. :(


Then use ElectriQ as replacement. Its more powerfull and probably can do the same job, just not with those presets.
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