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[Instrumental Rock]Black Galaxie (mp3)
« on: April 11, 2008, 03:00:34 »
Black Galaxie (Direct page! I forgot to assign a license, but as usual this music is for non-commercial use...)

Simple story of a man in the 1970s going out for a drive in his '66 Ford Galaxie, done with a 50s flair in an 80s setting (!). Lots of help by Yjana, my little drummer girl, and Loth on bass. Everything was mixed and assembled with MPT into .it form, and produced with various VSTs, and translated with MPT's .wav assembler. Remastered with sonicWORX on the Mac, and then encoded into .mp3 with Audion for the Mac. There! That's the credits!

If you'd like me to flesh out the scenes in this instrumental, here goes. The first bars show only the boots of our hero striding up to his car door and getting in (i see him leaving either a convenience store or bar in the early '70s). He starts up, and takes off for a long drive to nowhere. There is a feeling of independence and self-mastery, as he makes random turns in his home town, absorbing the atmosphere of both innocence and domination. He owns himself, he owns the roads, even though he really owns nothing. Then he finds himself behind a big rig on a lonely two-lane country highway. He tries to pass him but the curviness of the road prevents it. Then he finally gets his opportunity in a straightaway and leaves the semi behind him, feeling victorious and masterful. Then he finds himself on the interstate and approaches a slow-cruising officer of the law. Not speeding, he passes the officer and gives him a friendly nod, who returns the gesture and exits the freeway. Our hero is free to go,
stress turns to relief, and he heads home down the highway...

Again, download and listen only for personal use -- no commercial enterprises or unseemly associations with the music. Now taking criticisms (which will be barely heard and maybe even considered) and ebullient praise (absorbed into my mood and never forgotten) :)