Right' so who are you actually?

Started by XAVT, December 11, 2007, 18:09:32

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It`s one of those coffe and cigarete times, when you find yourself powndering about the world and life, asking yourself, near the end of the year, what have I accomplited this year? What lays ahead?

So I`m asking you all, who are you people? Where do you come from? Why are you here?

I asume answering that may be a bit confusing, and it may even drive you to the midst of elegal substences, so ill see if I can answer that myself.

My name is Vitaly. I`m from Israel. Last year I was released from the army after half a year of wasted time, after which I have been working and saving money for the university.
Next year I hope to go abroad and work there for half a year, after which I should have my education covered. And after that? God knows. I hope for the best.

What about you?
A cigarette a day keeps the doctor at bay.
A joint a week makes him look unique.