About the ole MP Player

Started by Sam_Zen, November 15, 2007, 06:33:56

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I discovered a cute function in this dialog. There's a button called 'repeat', so one would expect
to switch loop-playing on and off. In fact, if one clicks once more on this button, it increases the number
of repetitions of the file, counting down. This can be quite helpful when investigating things.

These MPP-settings are saved, unfortunately not in a INI file but in the registry.
I managed to change the setting by importing another version of the regkey-file, but it's a clumsy way.

Maybe that's why this player (and also the browser-plugin} by Olivier can't be developed further.
Dependent of the registry. It would be much more accessible if the settings were saved in an INI.
In the field of further software development that is.

Edit: further exploration leads to the fact that the range of repeat is limited to 3 times.
One more click on 'repeat' leads to the number '00' which means endless repreat.
So two bits are involved.