Is it possible to use two other presets in one song?

Started by Apocalyptiq, September 26, 2007, 11:42:07

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I want to use two other presets (first - normal, second - with long fade out) of the same VSTi (DSK String) in one song. When I play pattern with these VSTi's, MPT screens:
"Exception in Dispatch(12) (Plugin="DSK Strings")!" (when I click OK, and when I play second time this pattern, VSTi's aren't play)
"The plugin DSK Strings threw an exception in processReplacing. Is has automatically been set to "Bypass"." (when I click OK, MPT and computer blocks).


Can you check if you have the latest version of the plugins? and if thats the case, can you make a bug submission? Normally I'd move a topic to that forum, but this forum uses a special template when you submit the bug.
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My standard solution for vst problems: try "wrapping" the vst(i) in something like xlutop chainer. Chainer has a much more robust implementation of the vst specification, and most things tend to work when it's used as an interface.

You can download a demo here.