Author Topic: I can't handle the music!  (Read 6850 times)

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I can't handle the music!
« Reply #15 on: July 15, 2007, 22:58:02 »
Yep. Concentrating on the less dominant instrument, tiny sound, or extra environmental sounds. It' a training to improve listening to (one's own) work from different perspectives. So it helps to find the balance between fore- and background and the right attention to the smaller accompany-things.

And these combinations also can deliver very interesting new samples, like a short snaphot of a movie-soundtrack.
You will probably hear somebody say some phrase, with a piece of the musical soundscore, plus some traffic noises, all together.
Three different elements. But when fixed together and then repeated or played with, the elements come together and form
their own single harmony.

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I can't handle the music!
« Reply #16 on: July 20, 2007, 18:31:31 »
hahah, great topic..i have this myself too :nuts:

i think you want to do it all in one time, atleast i have it.
It's all in your mind but make it in a song it's kinda hard.
(setting the right sounds, listen for the right samples for melodic work)

For exsample the new song of mine, next best thing, i listened it several times and it just not sounded right..what i did was deleted a couple patterns, loop, then i got 4 patterns..then build something from that with after a couple of patterns new sound/samples.

Also a thing i found out is make some channels (melodic) the same notes, and play with codes  :P ...after all... you pushing sounds true a box.

you like music that much that you have the need to follow it.
from LP :)
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