New (weird) Version of ModPlug Tracker

Started by Really Weird Person, November 13, 2006, 05:42:47

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Really Weird Person

I see that you have degraded ModPlug Tracker now. What I mean by this is that the following things have happened.
!. You have gotten rid of a channel (weird). This is weird because your channel tabs are in increments of four, and 127 is a prime number (I guess that you suddenly like those? I don't (That is my personal opinion.)). Since this has happened, I cannot use one of my arrangements (it requires 128 channels (one channel does make a difference, ModPlug Tracker just blows up (the "new" one))). If anything, I would have thought that you would have added channels, not starting to get rid of them. I guess that you had two choices.
1. Get rid of a channel (done)
2. Starting the channles at zero
Both are weird, but those would have resulted in a 127 being displayed as the last channel.
@. You have gotten rid of one of the dashed spots. This one is irrelivent, but I thought that I would mention it anyway.
#. I noticed that you added a weird thing to the pattern editor that allows you to show a certain number (what is indicated by the box below the pattern arrows) of blank spaces (from zero to sixteen). I am not 100% sure what the purpose of this is, but maybe I will find something to use it for.