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Started by Reenen, October 31, 2006, 09:17:25

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To Reenan:

You are right about fair use laws.  I could have copied and pasted the information, provided I am in a country which recognizes fair use laws, which I am.  It can sometimes still be a bit of a grey area, as some countries do not, so if i mislead you or anyone, I apologize.
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Quote from: "Sam_Zen"If some material appears to be free for use, it is a matter of civilisation to mention the source, the author.
Indeed, but there can also be occasions in which the author does not want be mentioned in any way.


Could be, but if an author wants to have a choice about that, the author shouldn't make it free for use. But instead define the song's licence as :
'free use after permission of the author'. Then the author can have the demands about the conditions of the use.