A Way to Get More Rows, Patters, or Both

Started by Really Weird Person, September 28, 2006, 03:20:09

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Really Weird Person

Here is a way to make ModPlug Tracker have the ability to have more rows, patterns, or both. Make a base 256 version, instead of base hexadecimal (base 16). Base 16 only allows sixteen characters (00 - FF), however, base 256 allows 256 characters (imagine that) (00 (0) (any number * 0) - ?? (65,535 (256 ^ 2))). Therefore, you would be able to go up to 65,536 rows as long as you modified your pattern break. The same goes for the patterns and the position jump.
So as you can see, if you used a base of 256, you would be able to go up to 65,536 (00 - ??) rows without any problems. Of course, the chances of this idea becoming a reality are very slim, but it does not hurt to give ideas, does it?


A nice investigation indeed, but I agree about the practical chances of using this.