Sound device problems

Started by DavidN, September 07, 2006, 01:28:19

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Hi again. I've recently purchased a new set of computer components, and after some difficulty, assembled them into a working computer. The trouble is that my sound isn't working at all, which is a fairly major obstacle to writing music.

To summarize what I've done so far - the speakers are plugged in to the back Line <i>Out</i> socket correctly. I've also tested them with my MP3 player, and they work fine on their own. The drivers for the sound are installed correctly (RealTek AC'97 Audio for VIA (R) Audio Controller), and the computer believes that it is playing sound - I get the VU meters reacting in Modplug and WinAmp when something is played, but there is no sound from the speakers. And the Windows sound isn't muted :P

I'm using a Machspeed Viper motherboard with an Athlon 64 processor, and I'm using the onboard sound. Has anyone any further ideas as to what might be wrong?


Wouldn't you want your speakers plugged into the line out port?


Yes. I'd better edit that =/


Bizarrely, the original post with the mistake was more right than anyone could have thought - I've accidentally found out that the speakers work if I set the expected output to 6-channel Dolby 5.1 and plug the speakers into the Microphone In socket, whereupon the left speaker plays the centre channel and the right one gets the noise from the subwoofer. I suspect some jumpers are wired back to front inside.