why ompt cant open all wav files?

Started by pera, September 05, 2006, 16:19:22

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this is a problem.... I need "convert" a lot of samples to microsoft wav because modplug can't open it...


Please describe a bit more information about the actual situation, and the exact purpose of the action.


if you're not using windows PCM .wavs then you should be - i've never had this problem but i reckon it'll be one of the weird compressed versions or different byte-order versions or something of the .wav format (which confusingly has a lot of different versions) that you are using.
windows PCM .wav is full quality, fully supported by almost everything audio based and i think modplug has no problems with ignoring or utilising the extra data you can include such as loop points and comments.
what program are you using to save the files with?


i believe the .wav format is actually a container, similar to .avi, and can contain different codecs.  the most common is pcm, but i have seen some that were mp3 compressed, and a couple that were some odd variant that wouldnt play in all programs.


modplug only supports samples with a maximum of 16 bits, which kind of is a problem since most sample libraries these days are 24 bit. perhaps it would be possible to at least have 24 bit samples converted to 16 bit when loading them?


i already mentioned this issue months/years ago...  ::)
...and still am sort of pissed

i'll give some examples lateron...
(or just download some samples from www.dailywav.com and try yourself.. 50% of all samples shouldn't be working)

@fucus: i guess it's more about the lower qualities... at least in my case
10 years on ModPlug... f#cking hell...

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yeah.... and a lot of wav files in the Free Sound Project.


ahh, that'll be it then - every single wav i have is 16bit 44.1Khz so i've never had that problem, it does seem a bit poor that modplug can't handle those or at least convert on load.